Resources: The Strategy Process, Organizational Behavior, And Leadership In Organizations. Imagine The Company You Work For Is Expanding And Restructuring. You Are Provided The Opportunity To Determine The Position That

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Successful leaders know the direction in which they are travelling and have a planned destination, and how they will get there. I would like to take this opportunity based on my leadership abilities to define the position that best suits my qualifications and that will most benefit the company as we undergo expansion and restructuring.  
Based on the basic personality assessment I scored high on being goal and task-oriented. This means that I am very responsible, reliable, and achievement oriented.  The task-oriented leadership style includes aspects of task management and leadership. This style includes coordinating ...view middle of the document...

According to Yukl (2010),The motivational function of the leader consists of increasing personal payoffs to subordinates for work-goal attainment and making the path to these payoffs easier to travel by clarifying it, reducing roadblocks and pitfalls, and increasing the opportunities for personal satisfaction en route.
Clarity of purpose and precise task definitions are two strengths of the task-oriented leadership style. As a task-oriented person, I would effectively  communicate where I want to take a project or team. I would also organize groups for particular tasks and ensure that group members have a clear understanding of their individual roles and what their assignments are. The weaknesses of the task-oriented style include a fear of breaking the rules among employees, which may lead to a lack of creativity. However, since I have a strong sense of structure, I would seize the opportunity to take calculated risks, and allow my team members to be creative and innovative. A good leader surrounds him or herself with people who are strong where they may be not be as...

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