Response To Joan Didion's Thesis In "Georgia O'keeffe"

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In the essay "Georgia O'Keeffe" Joan Didion's thesis is that style is character, and what you create reflects who you are. I do agree with her thesis; everything you do is a reflection of yourself. There is no way to have something you say or do or create to not have some part of you included. Your clothes, your art, the way you talk, ...view middle of the document...

This supports her thesis that style is character. O'Keeffe pushed the limits with her paintings. Didion says in her essay that they didn't like her bright colors of her painting, so she painted brighter. To me that shows that she was an aggressive woman with aggressive painting. She painted things that were not within the limits and aggressively made people accept her painting and her character.Everything created by you is a product of your character. You can't create something that doesn't in some way reflect yourself because you are the one who created it; it came from you. You cannot remove yourself from your own creation. The clothes you wear are a reflection of you and how you act. The words you write are your feelings, which show your character. The books you read or the movies you watch show what interests you, thus uncovering a part of yourself.

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