Responsibilities During An Internship Essay

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Daily contact with leaders at all levels of the organization including senior management, team members, individual contributors and vendors
Provide customer service to all areas of support personnel and clients as necessary
Understand processes and work flows and make recommendations for process improvements
Bring closure to issues, questions and requests. Solve problems independently
Understand business needs and provide possible solutions by explaining in a clear verbal and/or written communications to customers and/or management
Consistently learn new systems, applications, processes and techniques
Participate in or lead projects or support activities, which are ...view middle of the document... - click on those links

8:45 a.m. Walking at a brisk pace through your city's financial district with laptop bag in hand, you are off to meet your engagement team at a new audit client site. After spending a month and a half in the Tax practice where you helped to prepare tax returns for KPMG clients and learned a significant amount about KPMG's tax group, you are excited about the new challenges that lie ahead of you in the Audit practice. You love the fact that as part of KPMG's Summer Intern program you get to spend time in more than one practice area.

9:00 a.m. You have a brief update meeting with your team. This is when you review some of the key planning documents you helped create last week during the engagement planning phase.

9:30 a.m. After the meeting you head into the boardroom to meet the new client. Not really knowing what to expect you're surprised and excited to find out you will be meeting with a team of senior executives from a large Canadian financial institution to discuss engagement goals and assist in conducting interviews.

11:00 a.m. You remotely log into your email from the client site to find a group email from five of your...

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