Responsibilities Of Success Essay

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Responsibilities of Success

Responsibilities of Success
While life happens and we sometimes have no idea on the direction in which it takes us, personal responsibility takes maturity and it is not a privilege to take lightly. It is being accountable for the decisions we make in our lives whether it has a positive or negative outcome. By taking responsibility in the decisions we make, it allows people to see big part of who we are as an individual. It also can truly highlight our accomplishments and hard work. Being responsible also allows you to be in control of your daily life and the environment that surrounds you like family, employment, and education.
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The responsible worker is not closely monitored during the production process, but the outcome of his work in evaluated after the fact" (Manove, 1997, p.85-103). No matter what the position may consist of, someone is liable for a smooth work environment such as time management, deadlines, and completing objective are definitely things that are key to showing personal responsibility and growth.
Everyone has had some type of education one way or another, and from elementary through college there are definitely responsibilities that are given. We have all had homework, and class scheduling that consisted of time, and giving 100% dedication to what is needed to succeed. Attending college is the ultimate experience that takes a great deal of responsibility to succeed and complete. An article explores the issue of:“Poor attendance and why a significant number of students seem to have difficulty in engaging fully with their studies in order to become critical and autonomous learners. We look at the role of government policy, institutions, educators, students, schools and parents (Barlow, 2011, p. 227-237).” Being responsible in keeping financially positioned to complete each semester, from being organized in what is required to finish a class and ultimately graduate with a bright future ahead. When people hear the words personal...

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