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Responsibilities, Referral, Respect And Rules Essay

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This assignment is about my work experience as induction Tutor at Metropole Learning (ML). According to my role, my responsibility is to establish a safe and secure learning environment where learners feel confident and valued throughout a week-long session of induction. (CETT, 2010)

As induction Tutor, it is my responsibility to welcome trainees and give them general information about their learning journey including their induction week timetable, the development of their personal qualities, and their need for a positive attitude for their skills to be able to develop. I would conduct them on their tour of ML, showing them the offices, staff, facilities and support available and ...view middle of the document...

On the last day of induction programme, I would explain the ILPP to each of them for a better understanding of their plan. I would then hand this out to the classroom teacher for any further learning plan and support required. I would then deliver an effective induction programme that should encourage the trainees to ask questions so as to promote effective participation of all, to give extra support to ESOL and Literacy Lower Levels as needed (such as one to one sessions) creating a safe and trusted environment where their peers can help each other. Thereby ensuring that they achieve the best results, both academically and with a demonstrable development of personal and social skills (Metropole Learning, March 2009). However, my areas of responsibility do have limitations, such as effective communication with the Pre-Entry ESOL learners. Despite one to one support available, I would not be able to establish any Special Learning if their understanding of English is non existent. I would then endeavour to obtain the help and assistance of someone who could more readily communicate with them in their own language/tongue. To help and support learners without discrimination, and taking into account their differences and needs, ML has established a system of referral in what I am involved and committed to on order to ensure a safe learning environment. Referred learners are those who need professional help from a person or place that can provide it’’ (Oxford dictionary, sixth edition). It might be because of “Dyslexia, Learning Difficulties that acute while doing Induction Assessment” or other safeguarding issues. ( As their Induction Tutor, I would need to be aware of any signs that might require referral. I would firstly identify these cases when doing the learning differences checklist in order to assess ant trainees with learning difficulties. At this stage, my role is to explain what the learning checklist is, to give a clear explanation about how to complete it, ice-break any barrier that might prevent them from trusting the process, and also to reassure them about all the referral process itself. If there are indications of a SpLD case, I would then complete the learning support referral form and hand it over to the Learning Support Specialist for specific diagnostic and support required. Secondly I actively participate in the safeguarding process which aims to promote the welfare of learners by protecting them from sexual, physical, discriminatory, financial, neglect or emotional harm. As safeguarding looks at preventative action, not just reaction, within my role and responsibilities I do endeavour to inform trainees of areas of possible abuse and explain Metropole’s Safeguarding Policies. In fact, I would raise their awareness of safeguarding concern. To make it effective, I would teach them:

• To know what abuse is.

• The different kinds of abuse.

• To say “no” to possible abuse.

• How to protect themselves...

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