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Personal Responsibility
Personal responsibility is undoubtedly the most recognizable building block of success. It is the one characteristic that demonstrates to others that you offer a level of dependability revered in the business world. In the article “The Power of Accountability,” Linda Galindo (1998) suggests the importance of responsibility by stating, “Choose accountability and own your personal success and happiness” (p.18). While personal responsibility does not account for the actions of other, it does ensure direct accountability of one’s own success or failure.
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Often there are distractions in life while trying to receive a college education. Myself as an example, I work fulltime so it’s imperative that I communicate with my manager and peers on what I’m able to take on far as work load due to school. It’s my personal responsibility to carve out time to attend class and do homework. The relationship between personal responsibility and college success is your degree will only have your name on it. In order for you to obtain a degree with your name on it will require a tremendous amount of personal responsibility throughout your college courses. Each class will require lots of dedication from an individual perspective to obtain a degree to graduate. There will be some pain points with this relationship, but having discipline when it comes to personal responsibility should allow an individual to adapt and overcome to be successful.
Planning is part of being responsible for your education. This requires being prepared for any assignments, group activities, and tests. Having a good work ethic is also required to achieving a successful educational outcome. Communicating with your classmates and instructors should be practiced and mastered. In the end, what you put into your education is what you are going to get out of it. As an individual you are responsible for your own education turning out to be a success or failure. In the article “Development of the PRO-SDLS: A Measure of Self-Direction in Learning Based on the Personal Responsibility Orientation Model,” Stockdale and Brockett (2011) elaborate saying "by personal responsibility we mean that individuals assume ownership for their thoughts and actions” (p.170). Personal responsibility begins with our conscious thoughts on whether the course of action being taken is right for me. Furthermore, in the article “Education is a Commitment,” Martin Cantor (1998) states, “Personal responsibility and education plays in the success of individuals seeking economic self-reliance” (p.47A). I think this is an excellent reference, education and personal responsibility will help you achieve economic self-reliance. These two references are just a small fraction of a plethora of information on personal...

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