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For this work I decided to open in France Cocoon clothing company, located in Granada, retailing, I have chosen these two countries because they are within the top 5 countries ...view middle of the document...



Concept of globalization: According to the International Monetary Fund "Globalization is a growing economic interdependence of all countries of the world, caused by increased volume and variety of cross-border transactions in goods and services, as well as international capital flows, while accelerated widespread dissemination of technology. "

( Accessed 28-04-2010

SMEs are very important in the business world economy. In Europe, for example, it is estimated that 99.8% of enterprises are SMEs. Furthermore, SMEs employ a large number of people, providing stability to the labor market. Because of its size SMEs have greater flexibility to adapt to market changes and innovative projects.This, together with the particulars of its management are often subject to special public policy.

Entrepreneurs are very important for the world economy and to be a good entrepreneur roles you must have and enforce are:

1. Identify the steps you could take immediately to operate your business more efficiently, especially regarding internal operating systems.

2. Tell yourself continually "Failure is not an option." Be willing to move out of your comfort zone, to take risks if necessary to build your business.

3. Use your creativity rather than your money to find new, better, cheaper ways to sell your products or reduce your costs of operation. What could you do immediately in one or both of these areas?

4. Imagine starting over. Is there anything you're doing today that, knowing what you now know, you wouldn't get into or start up again?

5. Imagine reinventing your business. If your business burned to the ground today, and you had to start over, what would you not get into again? What would you do differently? ( Brian Tracy. 2005. Accessed 28-04-2010

4. ENTERPRENEURSHIP . International.

Concept: Submit to the joint authority of several nations, or organizations that represent them, territories or cases that relied on the authority of a single State. "Internationalization is considered as an integral process of institutional transformation, to incorporate international and intercultural dimension in the mission and substantive functions of the organizations." ( Accessed 29-04-2010 Main motives for internationalize a company are:

 Globalization is the most important factor for internationalization. It is the main point, which obligate to entrepreneurs has to have a international vision.

 In Europe we have a free market where we do not have to pay any tax,

 Expansion of markets

 Diversification of risks

 Economies of scale

 Unique products

 Managers have desire and conviction for the internationalization of the company


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