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Retail Technical Certificate Level 2 Unit 1

1200 words - 5 pages

Level 2 Certificate in Retail Knowledge

Unit 01 Understand the effect of customer service on retail business.

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Section 1: Understand the effect of customer service on retail business

1.1: Describe the key features of excellent customer service.
A key part of customer service is listening to customers. It is important to do this so that you can get to know exactly what the customer wants and expects. Another important part of this is to be friendly and polite with customers at all times. I must also make sure that I make promises to customers that I can keep. It is important to go the extra mile with customers for example if they ...view middle of the document...

The customer could also tell their friends and family about the experience that they have had and this could stop these people coming into the store and the bad opinion could spread influencing even more people.
Section 2: Understand how retail businesses find out about customers’ needs and preferences
2.1 Describe Methods of approaching customers on the sales floor and the questioning and listening techniques for finding out what customers are looking for.
It is Poundworld’s policy that customers should only be approached if they look like they need help or ask for assistance. When they do this it is important to listen to the customer and use welcoming, un-threatening body language. Verbal and non-verbal nods can also be used to show the customer that you are listening. Effective questioning is also important so that you can identify what the customer requires and expects from the service that you are giving them.

2.2 Describe how customer feedback is collected and used to improve customer service.
Customer feedback can be collected in a number of different ways. Customers can be asked in store how they enjoyed their shopping experience or they could be invited to fill out a feedback questionnaire online. Incentives can be used to persuade the customer to complete these.
When the feedback has been collected then the information can be collected and any trends can be identifies. For example allot of customers could feedback that they have had a bad experience in a certain area of the store and then this could be investigated and fixed.

Section 3: Understand the importance to a retail business of customer service standards, policies and procedures.
3.1 Explain the difference between customer service standards, customer service policies and customer service procedures.
Customer service standards are mandatory actions or rules designed to support and confirm to a policy. These are set by the company and are mandatory for staff to follow.
Customer service policies are a formal, brief and high level statement or plan that embraces an organisations beliefs, goals, objectives and acceptable procedures for customer service.
Customer service procedures describe process of who does what, when they do it and under what criteria. In customer serve this could be when a customer is approached, what questions are asked and how staff respond to customers.

3.2 Describe the benefits to the customer of customer service standards, policies and procedures.
If the companies set out policies, procedures and standards for customer service then they can...

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