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Retiring Outside Of The Usa Essay

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Retiring Outside of the United States
The service that I have chosen to discuss is the process of assisting people who are preparing for retirement to do so outside of the United States. What I will essentially be marketing is the countries themselves as a retirement destination for Americans that wish to retire outside of the United States. This service would have a primary location in the United States with satellite offices located in the capital cities of each country. This idea was inspired when I when I came across an article on Costa Rica and how it used to be a destination for retirees. Costa Rica was the first country to make a concerted effort to attract foreign retirees with ...view middle of the document...

The official language of the country is Spanish. Its pensioner program offers some of the deepest retiree discounts available anywhere. Seniors, which are women who are are 55 and older, and men age 60 and older, get up to half off on nearly everything, including movies, motels, doctors’ visits, plane tickets, professional services, and electric bills. To qualify for pensionado status, you must have a regular pension of at least $1,000 per month. This pension can come from Social Security, any government entity, the armed forces, or a private company. The benefits of the Panama pensionado include 50% off entertainment anywhere in the country (movies, theaters, conterts, etc.), 50% off bus, boat, and train fares, 25% off airline tickets, 50% off hotel stays Monday through Thursday, 25% off hotel stays Friday through Sunday, 25% off at sit-down restaurants, 15% off at fast food restaurants, 15% off hospital bills (if no insurance applies), 10% off prescription medications, 20% off medical consultations, 15% off dental and eye exams, 20% off professional and technical services, 50% off closing costs for home loans. In addition, pensionado status entitles you to a one time tax exemption on the imporation of household goods, and a tax exemption every two years on the importation or the in country purchase of a new car. Every bank and most government offices also have a special express line just for retirees.
In Panama the culture is derived from European music, art and traditions that were brought over by the Spanish to Panama. Hegemonic forces have created hybrid forms of this by blending African and Native American culture with European culture. For example, the tamborito is a Spanish dance that was blended with African rhythms, themes and dance moves. Dance is a symbol of the diverse cultures that have coupled in Panama. The local folklore can be experienced through a multitude of festivals, dances and traditions that have been handed down from generation to generation. Local cities host live reggae en español, reggaeton, kompa, jazz, blues, salsa, reggae, and rock music performances. Outside of Panama City, regional festivals take place throughout the year featuring local musicians and dancers. Another example of Panama's blended culture is reflected in the traditional products, such as woodcarvings, ceremonial masks and pottery, as well as in its architecture, cuisine and festivals. In earlier times, baskets were woven for utilitarian uses, but now many villages rely almost exclusively on the baskets they produce for tourists.
An example of undisturbed, unique culture in Panama is that of the Guna who are known for molas. Mola is the Guna word for blouse, but the term mola has come to mean the elaborate embroidered panels that make up the front and back of a Guna woman's blouse. Molas are works of art created by the women of the Kuna tribe. They are several layers of cloth, varying in color, that are loosely stitched together, made...

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