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Reuniting The Grey Wolf Essay

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In 1914 the United States Congress approved the funding to destroy wolves. Many of the Government bounty hunters decided to help farmers to protect there livestock from the destructive creatures. Sixty years later the wolves are considered as endangered. In 1973 the United State Congress passed another law (Endangered Species Act) this act stated that all endangered species could not be killed by anyone or they would face a fine of one thousand dollars and as much as one year in jail. So many organizations started programs to help the wild life one of which was called the Wolf Recovery Program. The Wolf Recovery Program was set to help gray wolfs adapted back into there natural habitat. Since the program has been started they have introduced over 160 new wolves into the wild. But not everybody was in favor of reintroducing wolves into the wild. Today the United States Fish and Wild life Service have been considering the removal of ...view middle of the document...

Many of the states like Idaho want to get rid of the gray wolves completely rid of in fact it has been said that “The State of Idaho is on the record asking the federal government to remove wolves from the state by the adoption in 2001 of House Joint Memorial No. 5. The position reflected in House Joint Memorial No. 5 continues to be the official position of the State of Idaho”. Now these are the problems facing the gray wolfs today.
Many of the states legislature made room for the destruction of the gray wolf because they value the economies farming industries more than the preservation of wild life. The farmer aren’t helping with the restoration with many unsubstantial losses with no attempt to validate these statements. The settlers would let there cattle to roam off public property. The effect of this was that the cattle were ruining grazing area for the precocious elk and deer whose loss the hunters are blaming on the wolf, and When the farmer would form some legislators it would always portray the farmers as poor innocent people just wanting to cut back on the wolf problems. Some times when the loss of cattle was caused by disease. starvation, and accident the farmers would have more legislature and the believe that there losses were caused by the wolves. The government decided to have the Defenders of Wildlife was suppose to pay yearly for all the damages supposedly caused by the wolves. The complaints still pored in from the farmers and even began to give them names like the land piranhas, also they began to run adds in the newspaper and also making amusing cartoons, such as a wolf chasing a squirrel up a tree. Finally some legislator was passed to enable the hunters to begin defending there livestock . The wolves were considered big game and many hunters began coming to kill the cunning creatures. Soon as the elk declined than the deer declined and the hunters declined. Since 1995 when the wolves had been reintroduced the elk had not seen a wolf and the number of elk declined, but soon they learned to live with the wolves. Still unhappy the farmers are now more cautious with there live stock (A new piece of legislator was passed prohibiting the killing of wolves ).

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