Reverse Logistics Essay

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What is reverse logistics?

Reverse logistics means reuse of the product, material, repairs, maintains, recycling, product return.
The process of reverse logistics is part of the supply chain process that plans, implements, and controls the efficient, effective flow raw material to finished goods.
Logistics is the process to full fill customer needs and wants and bring product towards customer.
Reverse logistics is one step back in supply chain. If ...view middle of the document...

They take back the empty bottles of cold drinks to their factory and use the same for refilling them again.

Why reverse logistics are important??

* Damage commodity:
If the product and commodity are destroy or damage before a time of the delivery to consumer or customer. That time to have responsibility to company or supplier to be replace that product. Like electronic products
* Seasonal inventory or product:
Inventory or product made up in hopeful of a seasonal peak of demand. Sometime product and inventory are limited for specific time period. So out of seasonal time may require Seasonal inventory to send back to supplier or manufacture.

* Resale product :
 Manufacturer establishes a fixed or minimum price for the resale of a brand product by retailers or distributors. For example olx, e-bay, Are website are resale the product.

* Recycle and reusing:
All the beverage company (coca cola, Pepsi co,) are they bring back to own glass bottle from to distributor and...

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