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Reversed Discrimination Essay

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United States Is considered the country of the opportunities; I left my country looking for that opportunity. Leaving behind my family, friends, and culture; the reward was going to be a better style of life. When I arrived, I encountered myself many obstacles, I needed to change my life style, get adapted to a new culture and learn a new language. The faster the better because in order to be able to survive a needed to find a job. The questions were what kind of job? What skills did a have to be able to find a job? Where to look for a job? As I was trying to answer these questions and starting to look for a job; I realized that Latinos are a minority in this country. I m a Latino, I am part ...view middle of the document...

According to Anita Gonsalves “reverse discrimination involves a preference for members of a disadvantaged group in selection procedures and discrimination against members of the advantage group, in our society white males.” When a university is working in the selection process of the students who are going to be admitted to that school, Latino or an Afro-American, meet the requirements and they are rejected because a white male got a higher score. It is difficult to realize how hard things are for minorities if you are not part of them. These is one of the reasons why I m in favor of reverse discrimination when I person from a minority is given the opportunity to get accepted into the schools that they are applying for, they are getting the opportunity to get educated which is essential for a person. A person don’t only need to have the potential to get a job done, he/she also need the skills to do it, and the only way to get them it is to go to school. Where they can get the skills to communicate with other people, where they also learn how think critically. Reverse discrimination allows an opportunity for minorities to obtain a higher status jobs creating a positive chain reaction. The higher jobs give them the opportunity for advancement and get a better income, for those around them. The income can help to invest in better lifestyle and education which can help the economy. As the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy says “More Afro-American in the police department would enable it better to serve the community.” Unlike the minorities the majority group tends to take many things for granted since it’s handed to them, a member for the minority would have fought long battles and encountered many lost battles to obtain the same job or position which a member...

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