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Chapter 18 Review
1. What was organized in response to Rosa Parks’ arrest?
A bus boycott
2. What technique did CORE use to integrate many restaurants?
3. What did the Southern Manifesto encourage white Southerners to do?
Defy the Supreme Court
4. Whose philosophy did Martin Luther King, Jr. draw from?
5. How did the Arkansas governor try to prevent the integration of a white high school?
Deployed the National Guard
6. What is the name of the student civil rights organization?
7. Why did JFK act slowly on civil rights?
He needed support from the Southern Democrats to get other bills passed.
8. What advantage did Johnson have that JFK did not have in ...view middle of the document...

What did Malcolm X conclude after his trip to Makkah (Mecca)?
An integrated society was possible
21. Which town was selected for a protest march because most of the population was African American?
Selma, Alabama
22. What did the civil rights movement focus on until the mid-1960s?
Political rights
23. What trapped many African Americans in inner cities during the 1950-1960s?
24. What was the Chicago Movement trying to draw attention to?
The horrible housing conditions many African American families faced
25. Who became the first African American to serve on the Supreme Court?
Thurgood Marshall
26. What phrase was vague enough that schools were able to drag their feet on desegregating?
“with all deliberate speed”
27. How long did the bus boycott in Montgomery last?
About a year
28. Where was Martin Luther King, Jr. killed?
Memphis, TN
29. Where did the “Bloody Sunday” march for freedom take place?
Selma, AL
30. Where was the brutal violence against protesters caught on TV and Dr. King put in jail where he wrote a specific letter?
Birmingham, AL
31. Where did a state’s armed forces oppose the federal government?
Little Rock, AK
32. Where was the first Woolworth’s sit-in?
Greensboro, NC
33. Where was the bus boycott?
Montgomery, AL
34. Which SNCC leader believed in black power?
Stokely Carmichael
35. Which girl was denied admission to her neighborhood school?
Linda Brown
36. Who wrote Soul on Ice and helped organize the Black Panthers?
Eldridge Cleaver
37. Who became a symbol of the black power movement?
Malcolm X
38. Who was the minister that had nonviolent methods?
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
39. Who helped organize the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party?
Fannie Lou Hamer
40. Who was the first African American student to attend the University of Mississippi?
James Meredith
41. Who was the NAACP’s chief counsel?
Thurgood Marshall
42. Who was an early SNCC leader and future mayor of D.C.?
Marion Berry
43. What did black power mean to most African Americans?
--AA should control the social, political and economic direction of their struggle
--take pride in heritage and emphasize their distinctiveness rather than assimilate into the white culture
44. What did black power mean to Black Muslims?
--Own nation, running own businesses and schools and distributing own newspaper
--Did not advocate violence, but self-defense, encouraged members to respect each other and strengthen families.
45. What did black power mean to the Black Panthers?
--Revolutions needed and urged AA to arm themselves to force whites to grant them equal rights
--Wanted an end to racial oppression and control of key institutions in their communities.

Chapter 18 Review
1. What was organized in response to Rosa Parks’ arrest?
2. What technique did CORE use to integrate many restaurants?
3. What did the...

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