Review Lab Ite 115

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Review Lab
This lab is meant to help you study for your final exam. NOTE!!! This review lab does NOT necessarily include everything that will be on the final exam. You should study your notes, your homework, your quizzes, your projects, and your book in preparation for the final exam.

The objectives that are available on the course content summary for each application show you the information that I expected you to learn during the course.

Part I. Windows

1. List 5 Common User Interface features that we have seen in all applications that we have studied this semester.

Quick access toolbar, help, groups,

2. What is the purpose of an operating system?

They run ...view middle of the document...

How do I change the margins on my page?

Page layout(margins
Use the ruler

7. What is the difference between Save and Save As?

Save as lets you change the format and the name

8. Name one of the non-printing characters. Explain how to display these characters.

Space, new paragraph marks ( show hide (the paragraph symbol)

9. Create a new word file. This file should include a table with 2 columns and 4 rows. Put a number in each cell in the table. Put a header on the page with your name in the center. Put the date in the right hand corner of the footer.

Part III. Excel

1. Explain the difference between Absolute and Relative Cell Names.

Absolute ( the value will not change (add $ in formula )

2. Explain what the following formula will do: =SUM(A1:C1)

Add everything from columns A1 – C1

3. Explain how to use the AutoSum icon on the toolbar to add a column of numbers.

Highlight all numbers, and then hit autosum

4. Explain how the fill handle can be used to put the days of the week in consecutive

Click and drag down the columns

5. What function can be used to enter today’s date in a cell? Explain how to do this.

(=now(time included) or (=today)

Formula(show formulas

6. Create the following worksheet. You must use a formula for the Average. Don’t forget to use formulas. Use your name instead of “your name”. set up spreadsheet correctly and then

Part IV. Access

1. What is the purpose of a primary key?

A unique field to identify record

2. What is the purpose of a Form?

3. What is the difference between design view and datasheet view?

Design view decides what kind of field

4. How can I add a field to an existing table?

Design view(add a field with a name

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