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Review Of A Movie

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The movie UP is perfect for ABC yeah the movie of the house flying with a bunch of balloons. The movie consists on a young Carl Fredrickson meets a young adventure-spirited girl named Ellie. They both dream of going to a lost land in South America. 70 years later, Ellie has died. Carl remembers the promise he made to her. So he decides to go in an adventure, while he gets stuked with a young scout kid

The movie up is perfect for ABC because it covers your basic requirements. The movie UP does not contain violence or profanity it is classified PG, in addition the movie UP has a perfect length of 1hr 29 minutes. ABC wants this movie because this points are important to consider, it is ...view middle of the document...

Al Alexander from the patriot ledger has to say that ''It's quite simply the best Pixar yet, seamlessly melding stirring emotions and a thrilling adventure''. and Tom Charity from says that is ''Funny and poignant and full of life, Up easily qualifies as one of the best movies of the year so far. Go with someone you care about''.

UP can be appreciated in many different levels that's important for your audience because ABC is looking to address al ages that are going to be present watching the movie that goes from 8 to 65, how can this movie be appreciated in many different levels? well because it has comedy that appeals to younger ages and older ages, it has a good story that entertains all public ages also UP is a movie that is critical acclaimed for cinematography and computer animation it won an Oscar ''Best Animated Feature Film of the Year'' Pete docter. Also the movie UP , has classic music (orchestra) in fact is really good music it has the, Best Achievement in...

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