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Review Of Exclusive Yarns

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Review of Exclusive Yarns


Recently I went to see Exclusive Yarns, a small, modern production
that was shown at The Studio, which is part of The New Wimbledon
Theatre. Exclusive Yarns is a comedy, based on a type of soap opera
which is presented in a very melodramatic way. The cast was made up of
three women, three men and one extra, which was a male who played a
female but remained nameless and silent throughout.

The play was all based around a soap opera called 'Exclusive Yarns'
which stars four women- Pippa, Amanda, Estelle and Tamara. It started
with and then carried on showing clips of this soap with these four
women acting out ...view middle of the document...

This to me
seemed quite odd at first but then as the fourth man, Malcolm entered,
it was revealed that the men actually loved the programme so much that
they would get together and act out the episodes of the show once a
week in similar clothes to what the women in it had worn, this was a
wonderful example of the light-hearted humour that took place during
the performance.

During the play a variety of funny, exciting and unexpected things
happened- affairs, breakdowns, deaths and even a stabbing with a
knitting needle!

All the characters were both very individual and very funny in their
own ways. There was a lot of multi-rolling done by the women in the
play, this must have been a great challenge for the actresses, but was
done very well as each character that was brought into the performance
was both dressed and portrayed in very individual ways. The only
criticism I will mention though is the slight in-ability I, as the
audience, found to warm to the characters as it was done in a way that
at times wasn't that believable.

Out of the males, the character that I thought was by far the most
entertaining and the most individual was Ian. Ian was a very
sarcastically comical character whom was also quite camp which was fun
to watch. He was dressed very stylishly and in clothes that made him
appear as a very, laid back person. His voice was quite camp which was
quite life like as his character was supposed to be gay. He seemed
quite intelligent in his speech, he used quite a wide variety of
vocabulary and he had a slight, posh twist to his voice.

In the beginning scene Terry got very nervous about the arrival of a
guest of his, whereas Ian was not nervous or worried in any way;
instead of becoming anxious like the other character he just made
sarcastic comments and jokes. Even when left by his partner, he did
not become upset or quite, he carried on with his strong, dominating
character which to me was very real as in real life, people don't just
change over night. Although, at times I found his sarcasm slightly
irritating as it was constant, but at the same time that added to the
reality of his character.

The character I liked the least out of the men was probably Terry as
he was quite a whiney, annoying person. He started out to be friendly
and quite a likable character but then his need to be liked by people
became a bit boring. But again, this was also a very life like
character. Terry's speech was quite real for a man from London, he was
also slightly posh which showed he was not a dumb character.

The character I thought was best out of the women was probably Amanda,
she started out as a typical 'dumb blonde' character who wore lots of
make up, very girly coloured clothing, and failed each time she tried
to add up a sum behind the counter in her shop. She spoke...

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