Review Of Marketing Plan

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Review of Marketing Plan

Report #1: Industry/Company Review

A description of the industry in which your product competes, its size, growth, current trends and developments, and any key factors necessary for an understanding of the setting. Also, a snapshot of your company, including a very brief history, the firm's development to its present status, product lines, sales history, target markets, current marketing mix, and other factors making the company what it is today.

Report #2: Product Review/Buyer Analysis

A description of the product or service that is the focus of your campaign plan. Emphasis should be on the product's sales history, market share, strengths, weaknesses, ...view middle of the document...

Report #4: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning
Which of the market segments will be the target market for this campaign? What will be our positioning strategy?

Report #5: Communications Objectives & Budget Request
What are the objectives of our campaign as they relate to brand awareness, knowledge and interest, favorable attitudes and image, and purchase intentions?
How much money do we need to spend to achieve our campaign objectives? What budgeting method will be employed? (The budget number at this point is a single aggregate figure, not broken down by individual promotion program element.)

Integrated Marketing Communications Program

Report #6: Creative Strategy Statement
A one-page statement of your copy platform, including the following components making up your message strategy: target audience, objectives, key benefit, support, claims and promises, reassurance, and tone. Determination of, and rationale for, the source of the communication.

Report #7: The Campaign Planning Mix
Identification of the major program elements of the IMC campaign, the relative emphasis to be placed on each (including a tentative...

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