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Review Of Related Literature Food Industry

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REVIEW OF LITERATURE OF FAST FOOD INDUSTRY Previous Research on fast food Industry has shown us a light in this project: The Research done by UCLA Anderson assistant professor Raphael Thomadsen.
He presented the result in the paper entitled, ³Seeking an Aggressive Competitor: How Product Line Expansion Can Increase All Firms¶ Profits.´ According to him, if a McDonald¶s and a Burger King compete in the center of a small town, and a Burger King opens in the suburbs, it can boost profits for the McDonald¶s store.
In previous research, Thomadsen demonstrated that prices at fast food outlets located near other outlets belonging to the same chain often charge high prices to avoid cannibalizing ...view middle of the document...

In fact, retail competition is one of the places where one firm¶s expansion is most-likely to increase a competitor¶s profits.
The exploratory Study conducted by Anita Goyal and N.P.Singh on the topic of Consumer perception about fast food in India:
The Purpose of the study was to estimate importance of various factors affecting the choice of fast food outlets by Indian young consumers. The Methodology includes statistical tools to estimate importance of various factors affecting the choice of fast food outlets by Indian young consumers. In addition, the authors analysed the consumption patterns, impact of hygiene and nutritional values, and rating of various attributes of McDonald's and Nirula's. The Findings by the study indicate that the young Indian consumer has passion for visiting fast food outlets for fun and change but home food is their first choice. They feel homemade food is much better than food served at fast food outlets. They have the highest value for taste and quality (nutritional values) followed by ambience and hygiene. Three dimensions (service and delivery dimension, product dimension, and quality dimension) of fast food outlets' attributes are identified based on factor analysis results. The two fast food outlets' rating differs significantly on the seven attributes. McDonald's scores are higher on all attributes except ³variety´. Further, consumers feel that fast food outlets must provide additional information on nutritional values and hygiene conditions inside kitchen.
The Practical implications of Fast food providers need to focus on quality and variety of food besides other service parameters. There is need to communicate the information about hygiene and nutrition value of fast food which will help in building trust in the food provided by fast food players. The Value Estimates importance of various factors affecting the choice of fast food outlets by Indian young consumers.
The Study conducted by R.V. Sudershan , Pratima Rao and Kalpagam Polasa on topic of Food safety research in India
The researchers concluded that with growing international trade, food safety has emerged as an important global issue. The present research was an attempt to study the food safety research in India in the past ten years during 1995-2005.
Many studies were focused on detection of pathogenic microorganisms, adulterants and contaminants in food. However, there is a striking paucity of reliable data on important issues like evaluation of risks through adulterants, additives and contaminants. Consequently, the protection of diets...

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