Review Of The Film "God's And Generals"

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Gods and Generals was first a best selling novel by Jeff Shaara. Gods and Generals is part of a trilogy which includes the already released Gettysburg and The Last Full Measure, which is not available yet.Jeff Daniels plays Colonel Joshua Chamberlain. Chamberlain was a Union colonel who was a former professor in Maine's Bowdoin College. He loved poetry and languages. Chamberlain was appointed to lead the 20th Maine Regiment. Chamberlain became a hero at Gettysburg and received the Medal of Honor in 1893.Stephen Lang plays General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson. Jackson was a Southern general who taught at West Point. He was a deeply religious, optimistic, and wise. In fact, he got his "Stonewall ...view middle of the document...

At first this became difficult, but the men soon learned marching and war strategies.The film specifically concentrates on Stonewall Jackson's part in the war. As the film progresses, Jackson becomes friends with a little Southern girl named Jane. He makes her an angel out of wood to stick on her Christmas tree. I think that Jane reminds Jackson of how he is going to be with his baby daughter after the war is over. Sadly, Jane dies of scarlet fever at the age of five.The film shows the first battle of Bull Run, the battle of Fredericksburg, and the battle of Chancellorsville being fought from both the Confederate and Union troops' point of view. The film doesn't voice its opinion or perspective on the war. God's and Generals shows mostly dates and facts.Author Malachy McCourt, West Virginia senator Robert Byrd, and Texas senator Phil Gamm all had appearances in the film.A theme I picked up during the movie is that there are two sides to every story. The film seems to focus on the Southern side rather than the Northern. The way the country is taught American history, we are shown that the Confederacy was wrong to succeed and the Northerners were right. The filmmakers showed why the Confederate generals made the choices they did to join the Confederacy.This connects to what we are studying in school because we are learning about the effects and reconstruction of the Civil War. If it had not been for the decisions the generals in the Civil War made, such as Lee taking the job as general of the Union army, maybe the Reconstruction period would not have been as difficult. If the Civil War had started and ended quickly, it is possible that Abraham Lincoln might have never been assassinated. We will never know what may or may not have happened if the Civil War had been resolved more peacefully.I learned that not every man in the Confederate Army was for succession. The movie shows that some of the people fought in Virginia and other Confederate states because they wanted to protect their home.The officers in both of the armies had trouble training the soldiers because the majority of them were farmers. These farmers had no military experience and did not know how respectful they had to be to their superior officers.The officers did have trouble controlling their troops. I imagined the armies in the Civil War to listen to their officers and act professional, but Gods and Generals showed otherwise. After the Battle of Fredericksburg, the Union troops were invading the Southern houses and stealing from them. A couple of officers tried to convince the troops to stop, but they didn't.There men of all ages in both of the armies. Some of them were still boys as they fought to defend the Union or to fight for their independence. Some of the men were older and could not fight as well as the younger men.I did not know that General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson was such a religious man. He was shown looking up into the heavens and praying to God. Because of the war,...

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