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Review Of "The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon" By Stephen King

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“The world had teeth and it could bite you with them anytime it wanted…”

So begins a novel that weaves imagery, suspense, and emotions into a rich web of thought and action: The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon by Stephen King. This book starts out simple, but as the storyline goes on, increasingly complex issues and conflicts arise. A young girl, Trisha McFarland, tries to find her way out of the woods in the northeastern United States. As she becomes hopelessly lost, she starts imagining that she is with pitcher Tom Gordon, and relies on him to help her survive.

At the beginning of the novel, Trisha is recapitulating over how she got lost in the woods. The narrator tells the reader about ...view middle of the document...

She imagines Tom Gordon is guarding her, and soon, she is asleep again.

Trisha sees a torn–off deer’s head, and tries to get away. As she does this, she sees huge claw marks on a tree. She goes on, and sees more claw marks, and the rest of the deer. She walks west, trying to get as far away as possible from the mangled remains of the deer. Around this time, she imagines she sees Tom Gordon for the first time. The next day, Trisha imagines she sees three men in robes. One, in a black robe, with a misshapen head of wasps, tells her that he was the God of the Lost and he came from the thing in the woods. He says that the thing would get her. After Trisha walks some more, she sees more ripped–up trees and blood.

Soon, the border between Trisha’s imagination and real–life disappeared. She keeps on imagining things, such as deer hanging from trees, a crow hanging upside down from a branch, and a talking drowned face in a stream. In addition, Tom Gordon has become not her imagination, but her constant companion. Trisha comes to a post with a ringbolt on the top. Tom Gordon tells her that this is her last chance. She finds more posts, and finally gets to a road. Trisha walks along the road, and after about an hour, she finds the cab of a truck. When she tries to get in, she is hit with a cloud of dust, so she sleeps on the ground.

When Trisha wakes up two hours later, she hears the Thing in the woods. She runs to the cab, and falls asleep. In the morning, she sees a circle drawn around the cab: “The God of the Lost had come and drawn a circle around her as if to say, Stay clear—she is mine, she is my property”. When Trisha walks along the road that day, she knows that the Thing is constantly watching her, and later, when she sleeps with her walkman on, the Thing points at her, then goes away.

The next day, Trisha hears a truck. She gets to a dirt road and turns west. After 45 minutes of walking, she hears another, and she is now sure that she is almost there. However, before Trisha starts walking again, she turns around and sees the God of the Lost. Trisha, thinking fast, takes her Walkman and prepares it like a baseball towards the thing. It is startled, long enough so a hunter illegally in the woods shoots it with a rifle. It dies, and Trisha is finally safe.

The main, if not only, major character in this book is Trisha McFarland, a...

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