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’Bend it like Beckham’

The comedy ’Bend it like Beckham’ released in 2002 was directed by Gurinder Chadha and it tells the story of an 18-year old girl called Jess. She lives in London and loves playing football as her aim is to play football as good as David Beckham. But there is still one problem left: Jesimnder is of Indian identity. Her parents rather want her to get married soon, to learn about Indian cuisine and to fulfil their expectations. Jules Paxton spots her playing football in the park with some Indian boys and she convinces her to join her football club. First Jess admits playing in a women’s football but her parents quickly forbid her to do so and from now on, she has to keep her hobby ...view middle of the document...

Primary to the movie, of course, is the conflict between Jess and her conservative parents. The mother is focused on decency and custom and wants her daughter to learn the traditions of a normal Indian woman; her father has his own personal history with sports.  He was a great athlete but after arriving in England, he was met with racism and he just doesn't want his daughter to have to experience that kind of disappointment.  One the one hand, one feels bad for blaming them; after all, they are relatively progressive.  They have decided to allow their daughters to choose who they will marry for themselves. Shaheen Kahn plays the mother at a level of caricature that is funny because it seems natural.  Anupam Kher is the father, who is given much more room for development. There's a pair of scenes near the end of the film where he finally comes to realize that his daughter needs to play in order to be happy and, of course, that's the only thing he wants for her. On the other hand, her parents’ behaviour and educational style hold her off living her life the way she wants to.
There's also development with Jules and her parents. Paula Paxton, Jules’s mother, is bothered with her daughter’s behaviour and her interests and she suspects Jules and Jess to be a lesbian couple which she can’t get along with. Jess and Jules have a normal friendship but there is fight arising when a romance develops between Jess and Joe.
Although it’s worth watching the movie, the story isn't surprising and it seems like you've heard of it somewhere before. Besides, it fulfills a lot of clichés of a typical teemage love story.

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