Review Of "This Is England"

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Review of “This is England”, directed and written by Shane Meadows
“This is England”, centers on the young skinheads in England, in the year 1983.
It is a story about the 12-year-old boy Shaun who is getting bullied in school. He does not have any friends and his father is dead, so it is only his mother and himself. Walking home from school one day, he meets a group of young people under the bridge. They are all skinheads, wearing Doctor Marten boots, shaving their heads and with their Ben Sherman shirts. Woody, who is the leader of the group, sees how sad Shaun is and invites him to join the group, among them Milky is the obly black skinhead in the group. Everyone accepts Shaun ...view middle of the document...

When Combo realizes what he has done to Milky he is ashamed and devastated, and drags everyone else out of the room. Shaun then returns and we see Combo and him crying and panicking whilst they take Milky to the hospital.
Afterwards Shaun is sitting in his room, thinking about what happened, while his mother tries to assure him that Milky will be alright. Then we see Shaun walking at the beach and throwing the English flag, given to him by Combo as a symbol of the White Nationalists, in the water.

In this community, that is not very rich, the kids are left a lot to themselves, to find their own identity. In the school we see that teachers do not do anything about the bullying and after school the kids can almost do as they please. In the group the values are very “soft”. Instead of just fighting when they have a problem, they talk about them. This changes when Combo returns and they start getting very violent towards others, especially people that are not from England.
Characterization of Shaun:
Shaun is 12 years old and lives alone with his mom, after his father died in the Falkland wars. They are living in poverty and because of this, Shaun can not have the newest clothes and have to wear clothes, which are way out of style. This is one of the reasons why Shaun is bullied in school and does not have any friends. But suddenly he becomes a part of Woodys group. He gets friends and feels like a part of something. Then Combo returns and starts talking about the war Shauns father died...

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