Review On The Prophet's Hair By Salman Rushdie

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Review on The Prophet’s Hair by Salman Rushdie
The Prophet’s hair is a magical realistic short story from the book ‘East, West’ written by Salman Rushdie. Rushdie is an author, novelist, essayist and sometimes a critic. He blends myth and fantasy in a world of reality and that is what he is famous for. The prophet’s hair is based on the story of the theft of the prophet Muhammad’s hair. Whoever comes in contact with this relic, faces strange or miraculous events.
The story takes place in the early 1980’s during winter season in a rural area called Srinagar in India. Srinagar is a Kashmir valley. This story also depicts a setting that can be assumed as the beginning of the 20th century ...view middle of the document...

Sheikh Sin is hunted down by the police and shot and the hair is safely returned. But the four crippled sons and the blind wife of Sheikh Sin have been cured miraculously due to their short contact with the relic.
Rushdie portrays a conflict from the first to the sixth paragraph; both sister and brother wanted to hire a professional thief. The intensity of the conflict is shown when Huma returns to the same place to hire a thief even after her brother is robbed and almost beaten to death. Rushdie creates questions for the reader with this conflicts, the reader starts wondering what the reason could be that a respectable and beautiful girl could take such drastic action. The reader is taken into a journey where all the questions will be answered. In the seventh paragraph, flashbacks reveal incidents that lead Huma and Atta to this stage. Flashbacks are stories within a story and they tell about a character’s memory of something that happened in the past. The flashback here acts as the exposition. The exposition is part of the story that introduces the theme, setting, characters and circumstances of the story.
This story shows a lot of symbolism through the hair of the prophet. Symbolism is shown through the hair as a religious artifact, a secular object and a human heart. The symbolism of the hair can be viewed as a secular object as it is relocated to its shrine. Although the hair is a relic, Hashim changes the meaning into an object of higher value. Even though Hashim changes the meaning of the relic according to his motives, the hair still has its powers....

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