Review: Strategies And Lessons Of China’s Post Mao Economic Development

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In the article mentioned above, the author Kuotsai Tom Liou was trying to find out two answers: first of all, how has China achieved its development? Second, what can we learn from this story? The article starts with a brief introduction about how important the economic development is. Then the article uses few paragraphs to point out different development methods during different reformation period of China. At the end of the introduction, the author threw out the two main points which have already mentioned above. On the next section, the author began to focus on the time-line of China’s development. He listed out events and reformations paragraph by paragraph. This section help the readers better get their ideas into shape. In order to make a strong argument, Kuotsai Tom Liou provided few forms while he was talking about China’s ...view middle of the document...

The author then ended the article up with a succinct conclusion.
Pros: As mentioned above, in order to make a strong argument, Kuotsai Tom Liou demonstrated not just forms in this article, but also provided abundant reliable numerical data. For example, while the author was talking about the growth rate of China after a new policy carried out, he said “During the same period of time, China’s urban unemployment rate ranged from 5.3 percent to 1.8 percent, at an average rate of 2.9 percent, with less than 3 percent for the latest 11 years.” The author side proved this new policy indeed brings positive effect to the country by using and comparing China’s unemployment rate to the others.
Cons: One major shortcoming of this article is that the author focuses too much on facts which are reflected on the numbers and graphs. This shortcoming makes the whole article feel more like a government white paper report than an article to the reader. As the author state the facts, it will be better if he could include some interesting short stories, which will definitely provide readers a great imaginary space and vision of how China change overtime.
Suggested Improvements:
This article contains a mass of qualitative information. It is not hard to say that the author must have done a lot research on China’s economic policy otherwise he could not get such insight.
As mentioned before, the article is kind of vitality. One way to revise this is to add some relative stories while discussing facts. The other way to make it better is to quote people’s words. For example, when the author was talking about the Special Economic Zones, he could possible went interviewing somebody who is an expert in this area or who have a great reputation in this area. By doing this, the article will become livelier and it will give readers a feeling of having an dialogue with the article and the author.

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