Review What Your Role, Responsibilties And Boundaries As A Teacher Would Be In Terms Of Teaching/ Training Cycle

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A teacher is to educate students to achieve standards set by awarding bodies in order to gain qualifications e.g. GCSE, A levels, NVQ and Degrees.
The role of a teacher may consist of designing programmes of study, planning and preparing classes, developing interesting ways of delivering learning, marking of work, giving feedback on outcomes, keeping records, monitoring progress of learners, acting within professional codes, contributing to the administration of the programme, contributing to quality assurance requirements, acting as a role model and pastoral care. Teachers ...view middle of the document...

As a teacher, my Roles, responsibilities and boundaries are key parts to my teaching role, as an educator which are used within the assessment frame in the teacher/trainer cycle and therefore this will fall into the following five categories which make up of key elements of the teaching cycle:-
Identifying needs/ planning,
Designing and Planning

Identifying needs and planning.
It is important to remember that learners have individual needs and respond positively to different learning styles. Therefore I must know how to assess the needs of students. This can be achieved by using Marlow’s Hierarchy of needs: Self–Actualisation, Esteem Needs, Social Needs, Safety Needs, Physiological Needs

Subsequently I can then agree individual goals with the student. This will enable me to decide which techniques of teaching and learning could successfully be applied to my class. I must consider the learning environment, ensuring that students are safe and have
clear ground rules and boundaries, ensuring appropriate behavior and respect for others.
(Gravells, 2010).
According to Maslow’s theory, if such needs are not satisfied one’s motivation will arise to satisfy them. If motivation is driven by the existence of unsatisfied needs then it is important for me as a teacher to understand which needs are more important for individual learners.
I would to do this by setting up initial assessment. Completion of pre-course questionnaire. Enrolment/information sheet.

It is important for me to get to know, why my learners, (a) choose to be on the course? (b) What do they want to achieve?(c) What skills do they have?. I will identify their special needs. I will have some background information of the learners that I can use to plan my session to meet their needs.

My main role as a teacher is to facilitate the inclusion and communication of all students that will encourage them to enter into a wider debate surrounding the subject area they have chosen. To ensure sessions’ aims and objectives are meaningful and applicable to students the teaching role incorporates ongoing administration and assessment.

My responsibility as teacher after identifying the needs at the start of the course I will then try to build an effective learning group. This can be achieved by me as the tutor using ice breakers at the beginning of the course this can ensure that the learners feel included and safe in the group.

As a teacher it is my responsibility to structure the session to include everyone, so that no one feels isolated. As a tutor I would motivate the group to work together, for example, by including pair work and group work discussions. In the middle of the lesson I could use question and answer games that would remind the learners of the content of the lesson and at the end of the lesson I would encourage the learners to recap on what they have learnt by taking part as a group in a quiz (City and Guilds, 2010).

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