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Revise Reform Drug Policy & Reduce The Supply & Demand

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We are living in the 21st century and yet people are still getting their hands on drugs and most of the time it goes unseen. People get away with using drugs every day. Even when someone sees one doing drugs, they do not try to do anything to stop them because they do not want to get involved. I have been around people who have abused drugs all my life, whether it is legal or illegal. I used to be one myself. Some of them have been arrested numerous times, but more than likely the others just slip under the radar. With this many people in the country getting away with drug use, it clearly shows that our drug policy the government has does not work like it should.
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Places like our own Richmond Treatment Center. They say “We provide medically assisted withdrawal and detoxification services to get you stabilized so you can continue with daily life while you quit for good” (Richmond Treatment Center).While quitting the drug for good may be true, you will become addicted to the supposedly “helpful and crave reducing” medication they give you. When I was an addict I went to the treatment center in hope that I would finally receive the help I needed. In reality, I became addicted to their medicine (methadone) for almost eight years before I finally quit taking it. And as for recovery, we need more than just support groups. We need long term places that people can stay, like a rehabilitation center, a place where recovering addicts can live while they try to get their life back on track.
Every day in this country, 15 million people abuse prescription drugs. There are many risks to taking prescription drugs, which is why they are prescribed by a doctor and are not to be used for recreational purposes. Every pill is different and so is the person taking it. One person can take one and be fine, but another person could take one and it could kill them. The reason for that is due to a person’s body chemistry. If a person ups the dosage of the drug they are abusing, or just taking, it can cause irregular heartbeat, heart failure, or seizures (Prescription Drug Abuse: A Serious Problem).
Prescription drug are generally used by people between the ages of 18 and 25. The reasons this age group says they take prescription drugs are so they can relax concentrate, lose weight, etc. The info graphic below depicts the consequences for this age group and their use of prescription drugs. This shows that, like I had assumed before, that these young adults did not pay attention to the things they were taught in school. They knew about the risks they were taking, but they still took the drugs anyway. There needs to be a better way to get the youths of our country to realize the dangers of taking drugs. They need to know the reality of what can happen. We can’t just sit them in a classroom and have them read in a book about, or lecture them why drugs are bad. It’s going to go through one ear and out the other (Prescription Drugs: Abuse and Addiction: Adolescents and young adults).

(Abuse of Prescription (Rx) Drugs Affects Young Adults Most)

As for the children, some of them are poisoned by a prescription drug. When children see pills, they think of it as candy. They do not think it can hurt them, so they eat them. Death, in children, by poisoning has increased 80 percent of 10 years (Prescription Drug Abuse Drives Huge Spike In Poisoning Deaths Among Children: Report). Children can take them for many reasons, whether it is...

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