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Revised Chapter Essay

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Chapter I

“How are you feeling now? Do you still ‘see’ those weird things?”

“I am fine; for now. I just really hope that it’s working as intended to be.”

“That’s good,you’ll be up and well again in no time. Don’t worry - you’ll get used to those implants soon.”
“I really do hope so…”
The pale girl was still uneasy despite what the physician said, probably just because she was still recovering from her recent operation. It was just like what most patients that have undergone a major one would feel. Everything looked mundane and seemed in order. The room’stemperature regulated, spacious enough, and everything was tidied and regularly checked by sanitary personnel; the ...view middle of the document...

“Hey sis, aren’t you going to eat the apples uncle brought earlier?”
“I don’t really feel like eating anything for now, Erin.”
“Aww, but it would be waste not to.”
“I don’t have to worry about the apples getting wasted since you’ll end up eating everything sooner or later.”
“Hey Erin.”
“Can you tell me what color the apples are?”
“Red. Some are lightly-colored compared to the others but they’re all still red nonetheless.”
“Different shades of red huh… How I really long to see things properly again. I already miss how everything looks like.”
An awkward silence fills the room after what Elis said. Even her sister was struggling to find the right words to answer with.
“Uh… Sis?”
“What is it?”
“You still haven’t told me what those ’things’ you’ve seen before really looked like…”
“I—I’m sorry. Forget what I just said. I’m really sorry for bringing that up again sis…”
“I… Still don’t know how to explain or better yet, describe it…”
“H—huh? What do you mean?”
“They’re nothing like anything that I’ve seen nor known in my entire life until now.”
“Are they ghosts? Or those paranormal creatures in those kind of spooky stories?”
“I wish it was so I wouldn’t be bothered much in trying to think what they really are.”
“Aww come on! There’s gotta be at least something! I mean, you can ‘see’ them right? Then you can at least describe them with some basic details like, color, size, shapes and well stuff like that.”
“I know. It’s… Really hard to tell. Yeah it’s really weird that I myself, can’t even describe completely at words those ‘things’ that I saw.”
“Is that so… Yeah mom and dad used to tell me that you would just suddenly cry for no reason when you were still young and point out to things but they can’t see anything wrong when they look…”
“Yeah. I just sort of grew up and got used to it. But…”
“But what?”
“They’ve been more bothering lately…”
“More bothering…?”
“Don’t rush me. I’m still trying to think of the right stuff to describe them with. The closest things I can describe them with that is.”
“Okay go on.”
“I’ll have to really stress out to you that the following words that I’m going to use to describe them are the closest as what I can really think of since I can’t really explain what they really are and that this is just to have some idea of what they are although I’m very sure that you’ll be confused and that the actual thing is still far from my description.”
“Okay okay just go on...”
The ambience became heavy as the two talked about these “things” that Elis kept on seeing. Her face became grim as she was trying to catch the right and closest possible words to describe the said “things”.
“I first saw these “things” when I was five or six I think. I’m not really sure when since it’s been a long time ago and you were still too young to even care for anything back then…”
“Uh-huh. And?”
“I was playing with the dollhouse that dad made in our...

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