Reward System Essay

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Reward System

December 1, 2013

Reward System
The reward system that I would try to get into a workplace would be one that ack-nowledges an employee’s effort to better themselves, whether it is going to back to school or taking programs to help them in the field that they are in. I would acknowledge employee’s that are there to help other employees, and never say “that’s not my job”, but are a team player. I would make it easy for employee’s to gain time off, paid time off of course. Once an employee has proved that they know what they are doing and are comfortable in their job, I would offer them more freedom in the job description.
The way that I would implement these rewards is by individual merit. I would not group all of the employees into one group. I want the employee to know that they are not being singled out or being excluded, but that their actions are theirs alone. If they make a mistake, I am not going to ...view middle of the document...

These employees would get a pay increase, accordingly, but with these employees, I would add an extra day off, paid of course.
The employees that show up day after day and do their job without calling off, would be rewarded with an extra paid day off, and one that they could chose when and how they want to take it, if at all. If they chose not to use that day off, the company would buy that day back, or roll it over to another time. There would not be a time limit on when they could use that extra day.
The employees would be offered a health insurance, at an affordable rate. It would be up to them if they want it or not. This would not be offered until their probation period is done, usually around ninety days, the same would be done for vacation days, holiday pay, and paid time off. The good thing with pto’s is that they can be used as soon as the ninety days is up and they are off probation, and it will not count towards as a call-off, if given enough time and permission was granted. I would arrange with the first year of employment, one week off, and every year that they are with the company, we would add another week.
I would offer the employees, casual days, just to keep the atmosphere from being too boring or bland. I would also have an open door policy, there is no problem to big or too small to ask for help with, and I want the employees to know that.
I would dock anyone who makes it a habit of calling off on Monday’s or Friday’s, what I mean by dock, is they would be docked a personal day and a vacation day. If they make this into a habit, they would be verbally warned, then a written warning would be done, suspension, then termination. I feel, that if their co-workers can be there, then so can they, and their co-workers will be doing their own job, plus that person’s job, who keeps calling off.
If you reward the employees and make it a happy atmosphere, without someone peeking over their shoulders and telling them this needs done and that needs done, they will be productive, hard-working, happy, and they will stay with the company for many years. Of course, the pay and insurance is a plus too.

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