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Rhetorical Analysis

1012 words - 5 pages

Crystal Hawthorne
ENGL 1102
5 March 2016
How is Language and Media a Controversy?
Is social media and technology a good resource, or have we turned it into something else? Recent discussions have brought up the controversy of language and media, and how there are ways media uses language to control and destroy. Can media really obtain the power to manipulate people and destroy languages? Kerby Anderson and Juliet Giraso use fallacies, such as appeal to emotion and cause and effect, as well as logos, ethos and pathos to support their arguments in order to persuade the reader into choosing their side of the controversy.
Kerby Anderson, who wrote the article “Violent Media Do ...view middle of the document...

Solnit uses appeal to emotion to persuade her argument by saying, “They still have blood on their hands from Hurricane Katrina, and they are staining themselves anew in Haiti.” (Solnit 237). This quote shows how the media values property over human lives and gets the reader to think about how these natural disasters were handled by the media.
Giraso uses the rhetorical device pathos to defend her argument that social media has become a distraction by using a quote from Einstein, “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interactions, the world will be a generation of idiots,” (Giraso 1). This quote leads into her story about when she almost caused a vehicle collision because she was paying more attention to her phone than the road (Giraso 1). After this incident she began to realize how much of a hazard technology has become in the world today, and she began to worry about where this could unknowingly be taking us. This is a good example of pathos and appeal of fear, because she uses a quote and relates it to a story of her own that may put fear into people.
Other authors, such as Krauss, argue that languages could become extinct due to the use of media and technology, and this is appeal to consequence of belief because he believes that documenting languages and reviving them when they are extinct will save languages. John McWhorter discusses how lyrics in hip-hop and rap today praise violence. McWhorter argues that rap is teaching the community that dislike for authority is acceptable, therefore leading to higher crime rates. He argues how “hip-hop creates nothing” and is only harmful to the community, and he says this to show a slippery slope (McWhorter 1). Musembi Nzengu wrote how social media is causing literacy to decrease in Kenya, and in her article she quotes Auma, "Most of them cannot even spell basic English words due to limited interaction with reading materials," (Nzengu 1). Auma also says, “Companies would rather retain old but experienced staff than hire incompetent individuals who cannot even compile...

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