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Richard Branson Leadership Essay

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Leadership is defined as the process of influencing an organized group towards accomplishing its goals.[1] We have learned that the leader is not exclusive in the leadership process. Researchers Fred Fiedler and Hollander recognized this and introduced the importance of the follower and the situation in the leadership process. Richard Branson is considered one of the most unorthodox business men of the 21st century. At the helm at the mega firm Virgin Group Ltd, Branson has defied conventional management and leadership wisdom. Through all his accomplishments, Branson’s amazing leadership skills cannot be mentioned in a vacuum. There is ...view middle of the document...

At the time dyslexia was an undiagnosed problem. He was educated at the Scaitcliffe School (now Bishopsgate School) until the age of 13, at which point he then attended the exclusive Stowe school.[3][4] Although Richard was not an academic genius, that did not stop him. At the age of 16 he published a national magazine called the “Student”; it was a youth oriented magazine. He also opened a student advisory center a year later, which was a charity to help young people. After the first issue of his magazine was out Richard’s head master wrote him a note saying,”Congratulations Branson. I predict you will either go to prison or become a millionaire”. Richard did not know at the time that he was going to prove his headmasters prediction true on both accounts.
Once he left school he was drawn into the music business and in 1970, Richard Branson and a few friends started a mail-order catalogue called “Virgin”. They called it this because “they where all virgins to the business”. His catalogue being a great success leads him to open a record shop shortly after in Oxford Street in London. Consequently in “1971 Branson was arrested and charged for selling records in Virgin stores that had been declared export stock. He settled out-of-court with UK Customs and excise with an agreement to repay the unpaid tax and fines. Branson's mother Eve re-mortgaged the family home to help pay the settlement”. In 1971 Virgin Records was born as a recording studio, signing famous bands like the SEX PISTOLS and the ROLLING STONES selling millions of records.[5]
Richard Branson’s drive has led him to grow his label to over 350 different companies in 30 different countries. Virgin has grown to such a big and influential group that he has started a “Virgin Green Fund”. Branson is investing in renewable energy and resource efficiency.[6]
The Virgin Group.
Virgin Group operates with its headquarters at The School House, 50 Brook Green in the London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham.[7] The Virgin Group has expanded into a wide array of companies. For example some of the general industries under the Virgin umbrella include:
Active · Blue Holdings Limited · Cinemas · Credit Card · Digital · Drinks (Cola, Vodka, Wines/Vines) · Electronics · Experience Days · Fuel · Green Fund · Media (Media Television) · Mobile (UK, Australia [Broadband], Canada, France, India, South Africa, USA) · Money · Unite (charity) · Voucher.
Virgin’s Travel holdings include:
Air Asia X · America · Atlantic · Balloon Flights · Blue (Pacific Blue, Polynesian Blue, V Australia) · Express · Galactic · Holidays · Limited Edition (hotels) · Limobike · Limousines · Nigeria · Trains · Vacations.
Publishing and Entertainment include:
Books · Comics · Interactive · Oui FM · Radio · Radio Free · Records · V2 Records · V Festivals (Australia, North America, United Kingdom).
And for Retail: Brides · Cars · Megastores[8]
The group's travel-related operations, paced by...

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