Richard The 3rd Supernatural Theme Essay

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‘vivid* as spectres - t*he air swarmed with Catherine’s’
(Chapter 3, Page 19)
Supernatural foreboding that the spirit of Catherine will soon appear. *‘”*Let me in!*”* and maintained its tenacious grip’
(Chapter 3, page 25)
_Catherine is always trying to get back home to Wuthering heights, this quote shows that even in death, her spirit seems to continue trying to make the journey home._ *‘Mrs.* Earnshaw’s death, which happened less than two years after,’
(Chapter 4, Page 37)
From the start misery and death seem to follow Heathcliff ‘The devil had seized her ankle’
(Chapter 6, page 48)
_Catherine is always described as “wicked” or as ...view middle of the document...

Ominous foreshadowing that Cathy’s spirit will return to Wuthering Heights. ‘She kept wandering to and fro’
(Chapter 9, pg. 83)
Ominous marker that Cathy’s spirit will not rest even after death. ‘I didn’t know how he gained his money’
(Chapter 10, pg. 90)
_The mystery of Heathcliff’s life emphasizes his status as an other worldly being. _ *‘dressed* in dark clothes, with dark face and hair’
*(Chapter 10, pg* 91)
Emphasis on the dark makes Heathcliff seem even more demonic. ‘Mrs. Linton gliding into my chamber”
(Chapter 10, pg. 96)
The words used to describe Cathy are already ghostlike, foreshadowing her imminent death and return as a ghost. ‘I had risen in angry rebellion against Providence’
(Chapter 10, pg. 98)
The idea of the fallen angel, Satan, comes to mind. Heathcliff is always related to the Devil. *‘devil* daddy’
(Chapter 11, pg. 108)
Reinforces the relation between Heathcliff and the Devil. “Nelly is that you? … I had seen nobody approaching the steps. Something stirred in the porch and moving nearer…”
*(chpt* 10, page 91)
When Heathcliff returns, it is reflective of how “ghostly” his appearance is since he is often associated with the evil spirits.
“The nearer I got to the house the more agitated I grew… I trembled in every limb.”
*(chpt* 11, page 107)
This is reflective of the notion of Wuthering Heights as the house that is surrounded and held back by the supernatural.
*“There she lay* dashing her head against the arm of the sofa, and grinding her teeth.”
*(chpt* 11, page 116)
“She stretched herself out of stiff…assumed the aspect of death”
*(chpt* 11, page 117)
“Her hair flying over her shoulders… arms standing out preternaturally.”
*(chpt* 11, page 117)
Towards Catherine Earnshaw’s death, she seems to be caught up in madness, yet at the same time, can be related to how she is also associated to Heathcliff – the devil. It appears as if she is turning back into her original form in her dying days.
“She ate and drank eagerly…clenching her hands and moaning”
*(chpt* 12, page 118)
“Her ghastly countenance and strange exaggerated manner”
*(chpt* 12, page 118)
“Staring at her reflection in a mirror…opposite wall”
*(chpt* 12, page 119)
Not only is Catherine going into madness, it seems she is beginning to see beyond things in her room. This seems to forebode her impending death.
“Tore the pillow with her feet… burning”
*(chpt* 12, page 120)
“The feather was picked up from… full of skeletons.”
*(chpt* 12, page 120)
The notion of Heathcliff picking the feathers and yet describing an image of skeletons seems to reflect how Heathcliff is the “supernatural force” who brings in these “dark” items into this family.
*“Don’t you see that face...the room is haunted!*”
*(chpt* 12, page 121)
Catherine Earnshaw looks at her reflection and sees a “ghost”. There...

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