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Riddle Of My Life Essay

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When asked to look at my life from a Sociological point of view to better understand my story caused me to truly examine me. My life has had to change so many times throughout my life because of people and things around me changing. But if I am honest with myself I would still have to say I have always been me and been true to who God created me to be. So let’s take a journey and see if we can figure out the Riddle of My Life (TCO 1).
My life did not start out as what socialization would call normal. My mother a twenty-five year old female who was told would never have children, been married and divorced, then married again to who would be my father. Six months into the marriage she ...view middle of the document...

Just to get away from the abuse I would stand outside our home on a Sunday morning waiting for any church bus to stop and pick me up. I did not care what type of church; just as long as I was away for my home for many hours with people who I believed truly cared. My family was far from anything I had experienced out in the world. My family would have been labeled because they were practicing witches and warlocks. Because of my families’ social beliefs, I was an outcast in my own family because of the day and time I was born into this world (TCO 6). My family believed in numbers and since all the numbers in the day and time I was born all were derivatives of three (the holy trinity! father, son and holy ghost) I was a social outcast to them.
About the time I was eight I found out the man that was married to my mother was not my father and my biological father did not want to have anything to do with me. So in turn I became very defiant. I was being sent to live with my step-fathers step-sisters because my family could not handle me at that time of my life. Living there is where I found what true “nature vs. nurture” (Schafer) was all about (TCO4). My aunt treated me like I was one of her own and what I saw in many families throughout the church treat their children. The culture that my mother and step-father was living in was not normal. I chose to never tell anyone what my home life was like, what type of things went on in my home, and how I was truly treated because I never wanted to feel what really could happen to me if I did (TCO3). Living with my aunt did not last but a few years when my family decided to move us all too where my mother’s father lived; East Camden, Arkansas. That was a culture shock for me moving from being a lower middle class family to a lower class family. My step-father traveled many hours to go to work and back, my mother worked also so we were left to be with our grandfather most of the time. That turned out to be the worst thing that could have ever happen to me as a twelve year old young girl.
There was not much cultural diversity in my grade school my sister and I were two out of twelve Caucasian people in the whole school. Being in the sixth grade, only Caucasian female, very intelligent I was the minority in the class and school (TCO 5). Not many students were educated, wanted to be educated, so it was a major struggle for me to learn at the rate I was accustom too. In that year I quickly learned what racism was and how it played a very heavy role in society (TCO6). I got to truly understand how other ethnic groups looked at what I had always been taught that Caucasian where the majority group but that is not how I truly felt (TCO 8). I was part of the in group, everyone liked me and I like everyone. They all knew that in my eyes I did not see color and explained that as I saw it we were all equal just some of us understood what was being taught better than others. We all enjoyed our...

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