Right Or Wrong Essay

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Speech by Raymond Collins

Violence is not generally accepted in our society. There are different levels of violence and some violence can be categorised as not so violent while other violence is extreme. There are guidelines which are set so young people are protected from extreme violence. The Office of Film and Literature Classification places different classifications on the different forms of media. A recent example of this is the banning of GTA San Andreas for its high level of violence and low classification. However we use violence to get what we need and what we want.

Hello fellow classmates, today I am here to defend Raymond’s action in killing Ron Kendall.

The Action I Agree With:
Raymond’s most important action in the story is surrounded with controversy. The important part is when Raymond takes the gun and shoots Ron Kendall. ...view middle of the document...

And all Raymond was trying to do is defend himself from Ron.

The First Point:
Raymond knew what kind of men he was up against. He was up against cold blooded murderers who planned to shoot the aborigines as they escaped from their houses because of the flood. If he were to give the gun back to Ron he and everybody else could be harmed.

The Evidence:
The evidence is stated in the book, “Are you really going to shoot all the blacks when they come out off their houses?” Gracey asked, Ron Kendall then says “Only the young blokes.” Therefore Ron Kendall was willing to go along with Cooper and shoot the blacks.

Rounding off the Point:
With men like Cooper threatening Raymond’s life and planning to shoot the helpless Aborigines, we can’t blame Raymond for taking the gun and protecting himself and the others.

Point Two:
I don’t see how Raymond could have had any reason to hope Kendall was going to listen to Gracey’s good sense. Kendall and Cooper had already shown that they knew about Melissa’s accident being caused by Tiny’s bike.

The Evidence:
When Brett asked Cooper if it makes a difference Cooper then answered, “not really, we already know about Melissa” By ‘we’ he means Cooper and Ron.

Rounding off the Point:
Raymond and the others weren’t safe while Ron and Cooper had weapons. So knew that they needed to disarm the men. So Raymond grabbed the gun on impulse to protect his family and friends.

Relating the issue to the real world:
The way the book is written criticizes Raymond for choosing a violent action instead of working peacefully. But if Raymond had not got the gun it is doubtful that the kids would have survived. Raymond only did what most action heroes take in movies. He was getting the gun and using it to protect his family and friends. A similar thing happens in most action movies. When we watch an action movie we see the person as a hero, but as we read Dougy James Maloney imagines us to see Raymond as stupid.

So that is why I think that it is Kendall’s own fault that he’s dead not Raymond’s.

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