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Riordan Manufacturing Economic Factors Essay

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Riordan manufacturing is one of the top competitors in its market in the field of plastic injection moldings. Riordan produces products to include plastic bottles, fans of all sizes, heart valves, medical stents and custom plastic parts. Riordans customers and markets include; automotive parts manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, beverage makers and bottlers, appliance manufacturers, healthcare and the Department of Defense. The broader the base of a company's customers and markets, the more economic factors will affect a company's success rate.
The plastic bottles markets are impacted by the changes in demand for the bottler's product. The economist state that the plastic bottles used ...view middle of the document...

We expect refinance originations to decline by about 30 percent to $1.07 trillion. #

The demand for heart valves, stents and healthcare services is affected by the demographic
trends and the healthcare availability. The surge of the baby boomers that is inclusive of about one fourth of the population one would assume the demand for these products would only increase. The President has allotted funds in the following areas found in the article titled"
Health and Compassion
• $74 billion over 10 years for health-insurance tax credits for low-income individuals and families that will ultimately help 15 million families purchase affordable health insurance.
• $4 billion in grants to States to establish health insurance purchasing pools, through which people who qualify for the tax credit and others can obtain coverage.
• $28.5 billion over 10 years for tax deductions for premiums for high deductible insurance, which will ultimately help six million Americans save for their health care costs in tax-free accounts.
• $19.2 billion over 10 years for tax rebates for small businesses that contribute to their employees' health savings accounts, encouraging more small employers to offer health benefits.
• $2.0 billion for Health Centers in medically underserved areas, a $304 million increase, fulfilling the President's commitment to create or expand 1,200 center sites by 2006 and begin the commitment to establish a health center in every high-poverty county that can support one. #
From what the president has established in his budget for 2006, it would appear that the manufacturing of heart valves and shints will continue to rise due to the increase in the spending allotment for healthcare for all individuals.
The manufacturing of aircraft parts will in turn be affected by the overall economy and are at present in the following economical situation found in the article "FAA Aerospace Forecast Fiscal Years 2006–2017",
The 2006 forecast for commercial aviation anticipates small gains, but in the longer run, the industry is expected to grow significantly. System capacity - the overall yardstick for how busy aviation is both domestically and internationally - will increase just 0.9 percent this year, as legacy carriers cut back on flights. Capacity in international markets will rise 5.9 percent.
Domestically, capacity is expected to shrink 0.7 percent, triggered by cutbacks made by legacy carriers in their fleets. This creates a ripple in regional carrier capacity, which gets feed from the legacy carriers. Regional carrier capacity had grown by as much as 20 percent per year since 2003. This...

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