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Riordan Manufacturing: Human Resources Integration Proposal

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Riordan Manufacturing: Human Resources Integration Proposal

Riordan Manufacturing: Human Resources Integration Proposal
In service request SR-rm-004 from Riordan Manufacturing, Chief Operating Officer Hugh McCauley writes, “Analyze the HR system to integrate the existing variety of tools in use today into a single integrated application” (Apollo Group, 2007). The company wants to use a more updated approach to handling Human Resources (HR) tasks. The following document provides a detailed proposal of how to fulfill Hugh McCauley’s request. The document is presented in several sections that are outlined below.
1. Information Gathering Techniques
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Many employees will want to discuss features relevant to a friend’s or relative’s HRIS.
The final step in the information gathering phase is to analyze the current HRIS. The reason for this analysis is to determine what operations are critical and what operations are safe to omit. Combining some elements or splitting other single elements into two functions can result from HRIS integration. Certain elements may become automated or self-serve in the HRIS overhaul.
Keys to Successful Information Gathering
Key elements to keep in mind when gathering facts for an information systems (IS) project are
• Knowing what questions to ask.
• Knowing the system in question.
• Knowing where to look for information.
• The ability to delegate fact-finding tasks effectively.
• The ability to distinguish credible information from not so credible information.
Project Scope
Riordan Manufacturing is looking for more modern, integrated, software driven HRIS. Modern HRIS programs allow employees more direct interaction with the system. Modern systems also consolidate all trackable employee information into one database reducing the need for paper files and reducing the time HR personnel spend locating information. Report generation can be automated by just a few clicks and key definitions. The company will realize integration of payroll, worker’s compensation, and benefits administration systems. In addition effective HRIS gives management personnel access to the necessary information to support their staff in matters of legal or ethical natures.
Proper planning, realistic goal setting, expedited implementation of HRIS software, and thorough employee training will make the above scenarios reality. Table two below presents tangible and intangible methods of measuring project success.
Tangible success Intangible success
• Meeting or exceeding requirements
• Finishing within budget and time constraints
• Increased productivity for managers and HR staff
• Increased accuracy • User satisfaction
• Employee satisfaction
• Ease of access to information
• Value of information gathered
• Integration of systems
Table two - project success measures.
The project will be considered closed when either; all requirements have been met, all contracts are fulfilled, and all interested parties have been notified of the project finish or when the project is no longer considered feasible for any reason(s). If successful, the system will need constant auditing and maintenance to support updates to software, growing database and intranet, new technology releases, and changing requirements.
With over $50 million in sales, more than 300 employees, four facilities in three states and two countries, and steady growth potential the proposed budget of $150,000 seems warranted and more than sufficient (Apollo group, 2007). The six-month deadline could be somewhat tricky, but with proper planning, implementation, and training this goal is well within...

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