Riordan Manufacturing Pr Campaign: Strategy Paper

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Executive SummaryRiordan Manufacturing has worked hard in ensuring they are meeting their client's needs and establishing an objective that will work with finding a solution that fits the organizations main objective. Their two-year plan in reaching the $50 million revenue mark can be reached if the following is maintained: To continue increased sales to existing customers of 60%, expand sales by 40% to new customers, incorporate one system interface within all locations, and to remain the industry leader in identifying industry trendsAffects of Marketing within the OrganizationOnce the move of the San Jose corporate office is finalized, the marketing department will initiate a massive PR ...view middle of the document...

Proactive and Reactive Public RelationsRiordan Manufacturing will be taking a proactive approach to insure a smooth move. They are providing as much information internally and to the public as it become available. They are hoping to avoid as much bad publicity as possible, they do not want their employees or the public to view this move as a bad thing, and create a reactive PR from both.Technological ConsiderationsWith each location having interfaces, it has made it difficult to integrate the sites. In addition, with many of the systems being outdated, it has made it most difficult to adapt and even upgrade both hardware and software. Without a way for the facilities to interface, it has forced each location to manage the employees and customers individually, almost as separate entities. This has made it especially difficult to maintain proper inventory and customer files because each plant has their own financial systems, which require them to keep separate records. Each site is solely responsible for licensing making it difficult to try to incorporate one into the other. For example, San Jose is fully integrated in Windows for their ERP manufacturing, distribution and financial management software application, but their license does not include application source code. Whereas Michigan has purchased a vendor developed software application and the attendant source code for their finance, accounting, and process application. This means that the Michigan site is not window based and the vendor is no longer in business.In order to make sure all existing plants are inline with the new Canadian plant, Riordan is currently ready to install a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. The new CRM will provide all locations a company-wide business strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by improving customer loyalty. The CRM will bring together information from all areas of a company (sales, marketing, customer service and management department) to provide a complete view of each customer in real-time. Not only will this allows company representatives to make quickand informed decisions when communicating with a prospect or customer, but will allow each site to work uniformly in this task. Incorporating system interfaces and strengthening existing customer relations will help set the foundation of the organization's main goal of increasing revenueTarget AudienceThe move will be affecting not only the Georgia, Michigan, California and China plants, but it will also be impeding upon the community into which they are locating to in Quebec. To have a successful integration, Riordan will have to focus on a PR campaign that encompasses all locations, plus, the current customer base and any new customer targets.All employees will have access to information surrounding the new site to ensure there is no misinterpretation of the reasoning behind the move. This will allow all employees to be knowledgeable when communication with...

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