Riordan Manufacturing Service Request Paper

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Organizations that maintain a competitive edge recognize the role information systems play in achieving business goals. Careful planning must take place to ensure the information systems' goals are in line with the business goals. Once the goals have been articulated, IS departments call upon outside consulting firms to formulate a plan that may involve modifying the current system or a complete overhaul of the system. The following paper will make use of the systems development life cycle to explain how DRDAN Consulting firm will work with Riordan Manufacturing Company to realize the company's goals.History of Riordan ManufacturingRiordan Manufacturing is an industry leader in the ...view middle of the document...

Riordan Manufacturing organization looks to strategize their budget options and create alternatives for securing their future, without digging too deep into their pockets.Riordan's goal of hitting the $50 million revenue mark will offer many challenges that will require a technology driven approach to develop a visible solution. The focus of such a task is to understand the people, the needs, and their economic conditions. A large amount of problems can remain active, unless they are dealt with accordingly. The budget among other priorities will include upgrades for all departments and security for stake holders looking to invest in Riordan stocks. The goal will incorporate the input of line managers that understand the day to day operations and will require everyone in the organization to move towards the following itinerary for hitting the mark.Motivation is a tool that can be used to serve any purpose. Riordan is seeking ways to build trust and confidence in their employees and clients by investing them. If they are positive in their demeanor towards the customer and smile through the phone they can create a wave that will most likely be contagious thus, heightening the customer's experience.Riordan's Goals and ObjectivesRiordon Manufacturing's objective and mission is to reach the $50 million revenue mark within the next two years. Their long term strategy is comprised of a multifaceted number of approaches and opportunities. They have presented to a number of sales force groups some incentive by reaching a 50% increase in their sales quota in which, they can provide the top 15 clients in each geographic region with a 15% discount on the first million in sales they generate. Riordan plans to invest in their employee's futures and provide them with the latest technology necessary to achieve their goals. They will supply their personnel with a budget for each dept. and a more hands on proactive approach.Riordan has a number of other promotions and amenities for employees that will be a motivational tool they can utilize to help build sales; while offering a great deal of profitability, value, and the opportunity for growth within the organization. Their first priority is customer service. They communicate effectively and resolve issues by adding more reps in each dept. and each speaks a number of languages.Their innovative concepts and shear quality products blended in with affordability, equals profit margin. Strategizing game plans save time and funds. The ability to change perception builds trust, and develops a bond with the consumer. In business time equates to money however, it's hard to argue with positive results.In the following paper, the DRDAN Consulting firm will roll out an initiative to show how Riordan can reach this goal and how they will achieve this from a sales standpoint. The team will also determine an IT solution and capital budget aimed at the support of reaching this goal. The consultants will complete an executive...

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