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Riordan Sales And Marketing Essay

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The Sales and Marketing department have several problems. The first problem is their lack of technology or keeping up with the times. The sales and marketing department needs a better system to track their customers. Currently they have customer information on different databases, paper files and microfiche. Our proposal is to buy a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) program. A CRM is a software program that contains a large database which contains customer information. There are several areas that the new CRM software would benefit Riordan Manufacturing.
The first area that a CRM program would help the Riordan Manufacturing Sales and Marketing team out is with Historical sales. In the past the Sales and Marketing team used pencil and paper to record sales data, although recently they have switched to recording their data electronically. The data that is recorded contains:
Dates including order, delivery, and payment dates by ...view middle of the document...

To build on its past success it is important for the Sales and Marketing department to have easy access to their past successes. Although we recommend continuing the initial plan of converting all written forms to electronic documentation, we also believe the CRM will help access the information quick as the CRM software will allow you to build relationships between awards, programs and members.
A crucial part of the Sales and Marketing team is the sales database. Riordan Manufacturing currently has between 15-20 major customers and 12 minor firms. The problem with the sales database is each member of the team maintains their own records for their customers. Some members of the team use pencils and paper and others use their own customer management software. This causes problems as employees may lose their paperwork or when they are terminated or quit, they take the paperwork with them. Also, without a common program and process it is harder to streamline processes and evaluate the past and present situation. With the use of a CRM, all these problems can be prevented.

The current goal of the Sales and Marketing Department is to have over $50 million in revenue in the next two years. To meet this goal Riordan Manufacturing plans to:
Increase sales to existing customers by increasing sales force promotions, price discounts, and customer user group services.
Expand sales to new customers by implementing public relations activities, trade shows, brand development and sales force promotions.
It is the recommendation of our company to quickly emplace and utilize a new CRM system, before moving on with your plans. If Riordan Manufacturing quickly adopts a new CRM program, they can analyze and utilize the newly found information. This will allow for processes to be streamlined, better customer analysis and interaction and also better historical information. Also, if part of the plan is to increase sales to existing customers, the new CRM software will allow you to analyze exactly what the customer wants and what attracts them. This will help you resolve the current issues you have and also provide better customer service, ultimately leading to more money.

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