Rise And Fall Of The Great Powers

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Although the United States has only been a country for a little over a mere 330 years, it seems hard to envision a world without an America in it. However, the United States hasn’t always been the dominant force that they are now. Back in the earlier days of America’s “Life” most of Europe just viewed the US as a little insignificant country across the Atlantic. This view of America started to change as they emerged from the Civil War and entered the late parts of the 19th Century. Led by some imperialistic conquests, Two World Wars, and some luck, the United States of America was able to emerge from the time period of 1885-1942 as the world’s new Super Power.
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(Kennedy, 200, Steel Production Chart). Even though the United States of America did not start to militarize until World War One was underway, they received a great deal of economic use from the First World War. Not only were American steel production numbers high, but also had huge increases in the production of wheat and coal. This gave the United States of America fuel in two different ways. The wheat was able to fuel the American people by giving them a food to eat and market to one another. Wheat was also desired in many countries across the world since not many of them had very fertile lands, especially European countries during and in the years following World War One. The coal was also a fuel for all of the new technology soaring through America and the world at the time. Coal was needed all over the world, but between 1900-1938, the United States of America needed it the most as they consumed the most energy and were always at least twice as high in energy consumption as any of the other Great Powers. One of the new inventions, the locomotive train, needed some sort of fuel and it just so happened that coal was this fuel, which helped lead to the need for more coal not only in the United States, but also around the world.
As earlier said, the United States of America was not always the World Superpower that everyone thinks that they now are. Up till the late 19th Century, the United States was never included in any of the discussions that took place between the leading countries in the world. However that all changed in the years of 1884 and 1885. Major countries of the world gathered in Berlin in those two years to discuss the future of Africa and how it was to be divided up. By being invited to this select conference, it proved that other countries saw the United States as somewhat of a power. Even though America wasn’t seen as the greatest power in the world, they were still at the conference over other countries, one of whom was Japan. This not only got the United States a few colonies in Africa, but it also allowed them to make some alliances and friendships with other nations that would come to be very helpful in the future. Besides just being a member of the Berlin-West Africa Conference, the United States also took a big international political jump in the year 1892. This year was arguably more important than being invited to the Berlin-West Africa Conference. At this point, other countries started to set up their first Embassies in the capital of the United States of America, Washington, D.C. This showed just how far in the world the United States had truly come. By having International Embassies inside of their borders, it proved that they had a vital connection to another country somewhere else in the world. It was proof that the United States would soon form stronger trade relations with European nations, and eventually become involved in strong military alliances that would determine the fate of...

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