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Rise of Islam

The rise of Islam has brought out a new religion and a new belief in the world. How did Muhammed become the the prophet of Islam? What are the basic teachings of Islam? How did Islamic teachings help shape the lives of believers? How did Islam start?
Islam was not made up, however it started with a man named Muhammed. Before Islam was made a religion people worshiped gods and goddesses. Muhammed was troubled by the idol worship and the moral ills of society. Muhammed would often go to a lonely cave to pray and meditate. There when he became 40, he heard a voice saying "Proclaim." The voice was that of Gabriel. Muhammed became puzzled and terrified. Muhammed didn't think he could become the messenger of god. His wife Khadija encouraged him to accept the call. Muhammed than ...view middle of the document...

Finally after returning to Mecca Muhammed destroyed the statues in the Kaaba which was made by the prophet Abraham. After the death of Muhammed Islam spread throughout Arabia.
All Muslims accept the five pillars of Islam. The first is the declaration of faith. " There is no god but God, Muhammed is the messenger of God. There were other prophets that God had sent including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, but Muhammed was the last and the greatest prophet. The second pillar is daily prayer. After a ritual washing, Muslims face the holy city of Mecca to pray. The third pillar is giving charity to the poor. The fourth is fasting from sunrise to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan. The fifth pillar is the hajj. It's when Muslims go to visit the Kaaba and pray atleast once in there life time. Every Muslim wears simple clothes so that they can stand equal before god. The five pillars unites the Muslim. Whetter your in Asia or America all Muslims are united. The five pillars unites everyone in the same place which is the Kaaba.
After the Islamic teachings was known to everyone people tended to change there lives. Muslims were afraid to do wrong things and gave up the evil in there hearts including jealousness, selfishness, and violence. The Quran helped in many ways. The Quran told the things that were wrong and the things that were right. The Sharia which is the Islamic system of law helped shape the lives of many people. Woman had more rights due to Islam and they still do. The Quran prohibited the killing of daughters. Woman got to own property. Sons would get more inheritance than a daughter would get.
In conclusion, Islam became a new religion and a new belief to people. Even though the Prophet Muhammed is dead he still is the messenger of God. He has led people to Islam and Islam is growing and growing. If you are truly good than you can hear Muhammed talking. Islam rose and became a religion. Islam is still spreading today. In God We Trust!

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