Rise Of Nanotechnology Essay

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Rise of Nanotechnology

When thinking of Nanotechnology one could think of the movie G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra. In the movie Cobra steals nanotech warheads and attacks the Eiffel Tower and it is destroyed by molecule sized machines in a matter of minutes. At this point in time nanotechnology is nowhere near this far along. Nanotechnology of today is about manipulating different types of matter on a molecular scale, as a result making them stronger and more durable. With technology expanding, nanotechnology can revolutionize the medical industry as well like never before.
Nanotechnology- based drug delivery is being seen as a revolution in protein and gene therapy, for delivering ...view middle of the document...

There's even speculation that nanorobots could slow or reverse the aging process, and life expectancy could increase significantly. Nanorobots could also be programmed to perform delicate surgeries -- such nanosurgeons could work at a level a thousand times more precise than the sharpest scalpel.
By working on such a small scale, a nanorobot could operate without leaving the scars that conventional surgery does. Nanorobots could also change your physical appearance. For example they could be programmed to complete cosmetic surgery, rearranging your nose, eye color, ears or any other physical feature.
Robots will have dramatically changed the surgery procedures for the better. The most significant advantage to Robotic Surgery to the patient is the decrease in pain and scaring. By using cameras and enhanced visual effects, doctors can make the tinniest of incisions. The DA VINCI and Zeus system each use “arms” to operate. In order for these arms to get inside the body and operate, they only need a few centimeters for an incision. In fact The San Matteo Hospital in Pavia, Italy performed a Cardiac Bypass surgery that included three incisions, each about one centimeter in length. Typically in that type of surgery the incision is about 30 centimeters in length. The smallness of the incisions also causes many other advantages that make Robotic Surgery worth the risk. Due to the small and precise cuttings, the patient’s hospital stay is greatly reduced. A person needs far less recovery...

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