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Risk And Benifits Of Cosmetic Surgery

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Risks and Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

What is cosmetic surgery? Cosmetic surgery is can be numerous surgical procedures that are used to restore or enhance the appearance of different parts of your body. It’s a specialty that is growing in the medical profession and the demand is continually growing. The number of cosmetic surgery procedures performed in the United States increased by nearly 1 million from 2006 to 2007. Some of the most well known procedures included tummy tucks, skin treatments liposuction and breast implants.
Cosmetic surgery can be defined as a method of correction or restoration of any part of the body. Cosmetic surgery was started by Americans in the ...view middle of the document...

Making sure you do your research and getting all the advice from previous patients will help you in your quest to find your perfect surgeon. It is important to know what questions to ask when making a decision about something as important and potentially life-altering as cosmetic surgery. First you need to ask yourself why you are wanting to get cosmetic surgery and then you need to find out exactly what you need to know and why before choosing a cosmetic surgeon to perform your cosmetic procedure. You want to know as much as possible about your potential cosmetic surgeon’s skills, experience, and credentials. Also, make sure your potential surgeon is board certified with the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This certification indicates that a surgeon has completed extensive specialized training that not only shows his/her superior knowledge and experience, but also speaks of their commitment to excellence in the industry.
Although there are benefits to cosmetic surgery there are quite a few health risks involved. One health risk is infection, not only around the incision, but your body is still week and healing from the surgery and you can get infections in other parts of the body such as the bladder or sinuses. Nerve damage is another risk; anytime you have cosmetic surgery your nerves are manipulated during surgery and can cause numbness. Like most surgeries there’s always a chance of blood clots. Then there are chances of emotional risks when the surgery does not produce the desired effect that a person expects. Last but not least there have been complications that have lead to death. If you are going to have an elective cosmetic procedure, you should check all possible risks involved and check with your doctor to make sure your body is healthy enough. You may want to schedule yourself an appointment to consult with your primary physician before scheduling your cosmetic procedure just to make sure your body is in good enough health to safely pull through and recover from such an extensive surgery. You can be petite and look physically fit, but if your body is not properly taken care of, the surgery...

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