Risk Takers Of A Different Kind

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Risk-takers of a different kind

This article has shed considerable light on the unique circumstances facing industries in the adoption of dominating designs and its threats to its product line and survival. While radical innovation is a leap both in components and its relationships, the risks involved for architectural innovation could perhaps be likened to the analogy of a proud explorer declaring his strength atop a mass of quicksand. The naive assumptions facing ...view middle of the document...

As such, a boy from China could potentially utilize the tools available online to generate substantially more information than his earlier predecessors, thereby pitting the fight between individuals and the established companies. Facebook1 illustrates technological innovation founded upon by an individual, incorporating core concepts of online social networking from its predecessors and giving users greater accessibility and tools that supplemented advertising revenue. Therefore, instead of dismissing innovations existing design and improvements through a tainted ‘competitors check-list’, established firms must have the capacity to pursue rapid refinements in response to ‘blockbuster’ forms of design breakthroughs; some of which being well-concealed as ‘minor’ changes in rival product design. Its engineers and scientists ought to have existing channels and teams established within a framework of openness and a willingness to try out new things. Embedded in this organization too must be a capable filtering system to streamline and eliminate redundancy and overlaps.

Apple Computer’s 2 philosophy of excellence illustrates this point. Its search of excellence among its design and management team is displayed through its...

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