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Many organizations contend with tort liability and management in the day-to-day business. The proper management and protective measures to minimize the organizations spotlight tort liability has become a key to efficient operating a business. This paper will identify the tort liability and regulatory risk of Alumina within a business plan to manage it. The prevention, detection, and corrective measures for each liability will be described. The best course of action to alleviate tort liability will be identified during this plan and the expected results of proper management for Alumina and any organization. In addition, an analysis of the simulation of Alumina Inc. aids in the recognition of ...view middle of the document...

1). The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), with the state implementation plans (SIPS), enforces many regulations to promote a healthier and cleaner environment for the people of our nation. The risks have been recognized and reviewed by our Learning Team “C.” The tort liabilities and regulatory risks are Defamation, First Amendment, and Freedom of Information Act. These risks are the most impacting and relevant when compared to Alumina’s current and prior liabilities.
      Public accusation is made to the company claiming that they are still polluting the local water supply. Where the company was found liable of five years ago in a different case. Since then the company has made needed changes and are in line with federal regulations. Alumina believes that this accusation is unfounded and is defamation against the company. seeing as the company the claim in prior poor performance, public observation and support will be the main strength in resolving the issue.
This liability could have been reduced significantly by Alumina by allowing public awareness of federal regulatory improvements and compliance over the last five years. This preventative measure would have kept a consistent positive confidence in Alumina’s business.
  Currently business environment, organizations must be vigorously engaged in developing, maintaining and following up on a preventive and corrective action plan that applies to the organizations business representation.   Organizations are subject to assert with regulatory risks, such as tort liability if and when it can occur.   Organizations that fail to comply with local, state or federal governmental regulations will expose the organizations to regulatory risks that will force the companies existing assets, earnings, and mostly their reputation in the public via media negatively.   Organizations that distribute internal resources to identify regulatory risks and implement existing action plans may stay away from the possibility of noncompliance of government regulation and tort liability action.   Organization protective measures provide the internal controls of the day to day business operations that reduce, limit and get rid of the organizations exposure to tort liability, fines and criminal penalties.   A detail effective precautionary measure plan will cover the organization’s best working practices are in place.
      In the event that an organization have been identified with a regulatory government violation or a tort liability, the organization need to have a system in place to manage properly the sequence of events that will follow the claims identified.   The ability of the organization to recognize regulatory risks will require the organization to identified and managed through the various preventive, detective and...

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