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Change is a good thing when you travel the road that is worn and faded by previous footprints of people unknown to you. Signs of their experience are easily accessible by those who traveled before you by what was left behind. When walking down the road less traveled, change often results in lifestyle rearrangements that were not anticipated before the initial choice was made. These choices which were made by people that you may or may not know have been set into motion and the outcome brings changes in your lifestyle which may or may not result in changes in your attitude because of the choices that were made for you. These changes affect our lives and the lives that we touch in our home, ...view middle of the document...

Drugs, freedom in sex, and the protesting against the war began another change in the music industry. The Beatles who started their singing career with song titled ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ And ‘Do You Want To Know A Secret’ began singing ‘You Say You Want A Revolution’ And ‘Hey Jude.’ This began the rock explosion (and our grandparents thought the doo-wop era was going to be radical!) The diversity in music brought about Woodstock, which also brought about a change in the lives of those who attended. Posters with slogans saying, ‘Make Love Not War’ And ‘Save Water, Shower With A Friend’ began to line the homes of teenage bedrooms along with black lights and drug paraphernalia.

Not too long into the making, the war was over. Our boys came home and there was nothing left to fight against. Except each other, divorce became the new explosion, as well as children born outside of marriage. Drugs, alcohol and freedom in sex were still going strong.

To be a part of an era where a dramatic change in life occurs brings on other problems. Especially to someone who does not tolerate change well. Every road had a corner and every road had a division. Life does go on, even within its confusion, when the world that you know and loved appeared to be full of questions and doubts. After the war, people were not the same, everyone changed old and young alike. The boys who went to war did not come back the same. A good number who went to war did not survive and those who did survive had emotional, mental and physical problems. To those who evaded the draft still lived in Canada pending their arrest if they were found here in their home land. What made all of this even worse was that there was no recognition to those who went to war by force, being draft. I was looking for that ticket take parade that they had when World War Two was over. The soldiers had no job to come back to and they were ignored. How unfair was that? Where was the logic in all of this? A war that should never had been, was pushed under the carpet because no one wanted to acknowledge that it ever existed. This is a direct reflection on our government, the ones who began the doubts and confusion to the teens of that generation. All they said, and continue to say today is that what happened in Viet Nam will never be repeated. So, then what really did happen over there? No one really knows except for the ones who where a witness to it and to those who are covering it up.

In the midst of the war,...

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