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Robbery Of Freedom: The Ultimate Injustice

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My story is told to you as honestly and as accurately as can be. Over the years, I have felt like I've had to 'defend' something, but I have realized that, as bizarre as it is, just tell the truth and let that be it! I was released in April 10,2001, and my quest for justice has only gained momentum.

I am the victim of small town politics where the locals have met very little resistance in doing things their own way, regardless of the law. In fact, I am the first one who has ever been known to challenge that state court of Bullock County, Alabama (City of Union Springs) for their misconduct and gross miscarriage of justice.

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He offered the bank the $10,000 to pay the arrearage plus a few payments in advance to show good faith. Every possible attempt was made to satisfy the bank, but everything was turned down except the $50,000 required to pay the loan off in full. My parents were able to raise the $50,000.

The day before the scheduled foreclosure, my parents went to the bank to settle the debt. They were met by the President with a cool reception. He said he could not take it. He told them to go home that he would call them. He met with the foreclosure attorney, who was also a Board member of the bank (conflict of interest). They both conspired to refuse the money and did refuse the money.

The next morning, February, 1995 the foreclosure was staged on the steps of the courthouse. As people gathered, so did my parents, brothers, and I. My parents voiced loudly to the attorney, Rutland, that they had the money. They were totally ignored. A friend offered to pay it for them since he wouldn't take their money, and that was refused. He opened the bid at $85,000. No one can benefit from the sale at a foreclosure and he was opening at $35,000 above the amount owed! My parents bid $85,500. They countered after each bid, but were totally ignored. The attorney yelled sold, and pointed to a bidder who had been sent by my accuser, John Will Waters.

My parents asked him how he could do that. The attorney's reply was, 'because I wanted to and I had the authority to do so".

My parents had 10 day in which to redeem the property. They were able to do to the tune of $100,000. The property joins the courthouse property, and is highly coveted.

It wasn't until later that my parents learned that it was my accuser, Waters, who had bought the property.Crushed and broken hearted, I watched my father walk around in a daze, holding his chest, voice cracking when he spoke, and he hit the depths of depression. It was all I could bear to see.

In February. 1995, I called JW Waters and told him what a horrible thing I think he did. I made the statement that he should stay in his greedy drug world and stop trying to destroy people who are trying to make a living. I told him he destroyed enough people with his drugs. That's all, just got it off of my chest.

In June 1996 (16 months later) I was charged under a newly created law for "stalking John will Waters." April 24, 1996 was when the anti-terrorism law was passed). Six weeks later I was charged under that law, EX POST FACTO, with stalking.

The arrest warrant only stated 'stalking'. It did not have him named on it. I knew that this was bizarre, for I had not stalked anyone. I still don't even know how to. At the time I was accused, I did not own a vehicle, nor have a telephone. I lived across the street from my parents, work at the tire company, and was home most of the time that I was not at work. So who, what, when, and where was still a question. I signed on my own recognizance, and it was then that I learned it was...

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