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Robert Browning was one of the most historical poets in the English literature. Robert Browning was born in Camberwell, London, the son of a well-educated bank clerk. He was taught privately by his father but also studied for two terms at London University. He wrote poetry from an early age and was strongly influenced by the Romantic poets, particularly Shelley, and by historical events. In 1846 he secretly married Elizabeth Barrett, with whom he had started an enthusiastic literary correspondence two years earlier and they eloped to Florence. Browning returned to England following her death in 1861.
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He attended the University of London in 1828, the first year it opened, but left in discontent to pursue his own reading at his own pace.
Robert’s talent was grew since his childhood because he was an excellent reader and he knew many languages. Robert made use of these languages in his poetry. The audiences and readers widely appreciate Robert’s poetry because of the quality and content and the ideas, which he put into his poems.
Robert Browning had a desire and an ambition to become a poet all his life and therefore, he made every attempt to make his dream come true.

The importance of Robert Browning’s poetry can be identified by the fact that even today articles are written on his poetry and his characters. Two recent books published were Stefan Hawlin's Complete Critical Guide to Robert Browning and Sarah Wood's Robert Browning: A Literary Life
The poems of Robert Browning are an example of his excellent creative writing abilities. These poems reflect his vision, ideas and thoughts. Almost all his poems show the degree of optimism, wit and flamboyant sense of style, and he embarked upon two ill-considered ventures: a series...

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