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Robin Hood Case Study
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Busines Strategy
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1. Basic Organization Chart of Robin Hood’s Merrymen

2. Robin Hood’s Problems

Robin and his Merrymen had a myriad of problems, some that were of more importance than others. One of his main problems was dealing with the Sheriff who he had revolted against due to a conflict with the Sheriff and his administration. The Sheriff was beginning to gain momentum against Robin and his men due to his growing strength, better organization and close ties to Prince John. Robin also faced the problems that came with a growing band such as the lack of food for everyone, the high cost of feeding ...view middle of the document...

Fixed Transit Taxation would allow them to create steady cash flows which would ensure a good future for Robin and his me.
5. Expanding Operations

I believe that expanding the band’s operations to a larger area around the Sherwood Forest as a way of increasing revenues would only be helpful short term. This is because I believe that as time progressed, people would begin again to avoid the forest as they learned what could happen if they traveled through it. Just like before people would begin to find ways, even if they were more expensive, to avoid having their goods confiscated. Expanding the band’s operations would also require more financial resources as well as more coordination which would add more stress to Robin and the Merrymen.

6. To Kill or Not to Kill

Killing the Sheriff in my opinion, would not have positive consequences for Robin and the Merrymen. This is due to the connections the Sheriff had formed with important politicians as well as the reinforcement he had obtained. If the Sheriff were to be killed, those left behind in my opinion would continue pursuing Robin. A failed attempt at killing the sheriff could also backfire against Robin, as it could cause the Sheriff to further concentrate on his battle against Robin and the Merrymen. This could result in many future hardships and even their demise.
7. Pros & Cons of...

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