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1. What problems does Robin Hood have? What issues does he need to address?
Robin started out with a vendetta and a small group of like-minded men. He now has a large band of relative strangers relying on him for guidance and direction. Resources are being stretched to the breaking point, finances are unsure and his adversary has grown increasingly stronger. He cannot eliminate the Sheriff without drawing the attention of Prince John. He has offers to join the conspiracy to release King Richard and put him back on the throne, but fears this course of action would be very risky and possibly fatal if it failed.
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The problem is that the proceeds have become scarce and the expense of maintaining the band continues to increase. The band needs a way to continue in the spirit of their vision to help the poor in a way that is sustainable over time. What they are doing currently is not only illegal, but highly dangerous. The new mission should be something that accomplishes their goals of giving to the poor, revamping local government and generating revenue. The new mission should also be safer and legal.
The band has 3 main objectives:
1. Give to the poor
2. Revise the local government structure
3. Make a living for themselves
These objectives are sound. The band needs a new way to accomplish the objectives, not necessarily different objectives.
The current strategy is neither sound nor sustainable. The band robs from the carriages travelling through the forest. This act is illegal and dangerous. Additionally, it has become less profitable as many travelers now avoid the forest and take the long way around.

3. What strategic options does Robin Hood have? Is continuing with the present strategy an option or is the present strategy obsolete?
Robin can continue as he has been, find a way to accomplish his goals in another way, or abandon his goals completely and disband the Merrymen.
Continuing as he has been is always an option, but not a sound strategy. Eventually, his men will be captured or killed by the Sheriff. Prince John could decide to intervene and take out the entire band, or they could become entrenched in the court intrigue to their detriment. If the band continues as they have been, the original band will eventually fall by the wayside, through attrition, death or capture, being replaced by ever younger and less experienced recruits. These new recruits will lose sight of the goal and will most likely either dissolve into pure banditry or disband and go their separate ways.

4. Would trying to end the campaign by killing the Sheriff be a viable option? Why or why not?
Killing the Sheriff will satisfy the personal vendetta held by Robin and his original band of men. This will not actually end the campaign. A new sheriff will be put into place, one that could very well be much worse than the current Sheriff. Prince John is a fan of the current Sheriff and can be expected to retaliate against any overt violence towards him. This could cause a much worse situation than the one the band currently finds itself in.

5. What are the pros and cons of accepting the offer of the barons to assist in securing King Richard’s...

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