Robin Hood Case Study

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Mary Hamilton
March 22, 2013
Robin Hood Case

1. What problems does Robin Hood have? What issues need to be addressed?
Robin Hood’s organization have many problems, that many business around the world face. Among these problems are: Lack of discipline, Maintenance costs, Shelter/Space storage, Food shortage, Training (since all were welcomed to join the organization), Maintenance and Operating costs, Challenges to organize big and little trained groups, Change management (introducing a change for such a large group of people from different backgrounds), Goal alignment of the individual within that of a group, Security and Vigilance (because whoever wanted to join was taken in, they ...view middle of the document...

For example, travelers are starting to avoid the forest, despite keeping in mind the added cost and inconvenience, to protect their belongings. Robin Hood’s attempt to the run the sheriff out of Nottingham is also not working. Of course, the sheriff is exercising his power by adding pressure to Robin and his band of followers. Some of the people that have appointed Prince John to the throne are now campaigning to raise the ransom to free King Richard. These people offered Robin Hood the opportunity to help in this mission in exchange for amnesty in the future. The unofficial mission of the group is “rob from the rich, give to the poor.” However, the actual mission of the band is to get rid of the sheriff, which is proven by Robin Hood’s intent to implement a transit tax. The band needs to outline some new objectives, unlike done in the past. For instance, each Merryman shall produce enough money each day to pay for their own food.
Sustainable business practices- is those that meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability to meet the needs of the future. Robin Hood and his band of Merrymen need to keep in mind the practices they must engage in to not only help the current situation but to help avoid further situations in the future.

3. What strategic options does Robin Hood have? Is continuing with the present strategy an option or is the present strategy obsolete?
Robin Hood must weigh the benefits and risks of: forming a strategic alliance with the barons in order to rescue the King, expanding the organization into areas outside of Sherwood Forest,...

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